Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad Admission Process

  Hyderabad   Private (Autonomous)   ESTD 2001
  Hyderabad   Private (Autonomous)   ESTD 2001


ISB Hyderabad Admissions 2023

ISB Hyderabad recently declared the results for Round 2 of its PGP program on Feb 15, 2023. The institute is currently accepting applications for its PGP PRO program until May 28, 2023, and its Doctoral Programs until April 30, 2023, for FPM and until May 31, 2023, for EFPM.

ISB Hyderabad has the highest average package of INR 34.21 LPA for its PGP program, compared to other B schools in India, such as IIM Bangalore (INR 33.82 LPA) and FMS (32.4 LPA), with IIM Calcutta recording a slightly higher average package of INR 34.2 LPA.

ISB Hyderabad is dedicated to developing leaders through its innovative programs, exceptional faculty, and thought leadership. The institute offers various programs, including the flagship PGP program, PGPpro, PGPMax, PGPMFAB, and other advanced management programs, to cater to the needs of students, professionals, and executives.

ISB Hyderabad Admission 2023: PGP

ISB Hyderabad’s Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Management is specifically tailored for working professionals who have 2-20 years of experience. This program is considered to be the flagship program of ISB Hyderabad. Additionally, ISB Hyderabad also provides an Early Entry Option and Young Leaders Program for admission to its PGP course. The total fee for this program is INR 36,31,980.

ISB Hyderabad PGP Eligibility Criteria:

There are 3 entry routes for PGP:

Course Eligibility
General Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree, Minimum 2 Years of Work Experience, GMAT/GRE Scores
EEO (PGP Deferred) Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree, GMAT/GRE Score, less than 2 years of Work Experience Upon selection through the Early Entry Option, you will join the PGP program in the year in which you complete 24 months of full-time work experience by class start date
Young Leaders Program – YLP (PGP Deferred) Requirements: Current College Student in Pre-final or Final Year and Have no Work Experience 3 step process to get YLP Admit: Stage 1) Fill your personal details, academics, awards & achievements, write an essay, and submit your application Stage 2) Provide a GMAT/GRE score, write 2 more essays, provide your evaluator details, and submit your application. Stage 3) Personal Interview
PGP Commencement: Upon selection through the YLP, you will join the PGP program in the year in which you complete 24 months of full-time work experience by class start date.

Key fact: Approximately 10% of PGP batch constitutes YLP Admits

ISB Hyderabad PGP Selection Criteria: PGP

If you’re interested in applying for the Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Management at ISB Hyderabad, you should first select the admission round you want to apply for. The admission process usually consists of three cycles, which are typically held in September, December, and January. Note that you can only submit one application during the admissions period.

Once you’ve selected your application deadline, make sure to give yourself ample time to prepare for the GMAT or GRE and complete the application essays, which should take at least 40 to 45 days.

The ISB application form requires you to provide personal information, proof of identity, and details of your academic and employment history. You’ll also need to include a valid GMAT or GRE score.

In addition, you must write two essays (three if you’re a re-applicant) on the following topics:

  • How can you contribute to the PGP peer group at ISB through your personal and professional qualities/capabilities? (400 words max)
  • What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How will the PGP program at ISB help you achieve them? (400 words max)

You’ll also need to provide one letter of recommendation, preferably from an employer who knows you well, and list any extracurricular activities, awards, and achievements.

After submitting your application, the admissions committee will review your candidacy and invite you to an interview if you’re a suitable candidate. Interviews are typically conducted by alumni in groups of two or three and cover a range of topics related to your work experience, hobbies, and career goals.

If you’re selected, ISB will send you an offer letter on a rolling basis, and you’ll have 5-10 days (depending on the cycle applied) to deposit the admission fee.

ISB Hyderabad Admission 2023: PGPpro

Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Professionals
Fees INR 35.9 Lakhs
Duration 18 Months
Eligibility Criterion Bachelor’s degree or CA / ICWA and Minimum 5 years of work experience
Location Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore
Commencement date
  • Bengaluru and Mumbai starts every January
  • Delhi (NCR) and Hyderabad starts every July
Upcoming application deadlines 2nd April 2023 – Delhi & Hyderabad (Round 2)
Key stats Average work Ex: 10 years

ISB Hyderabad PGPpro & PGPMAX Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the PGPpro and PGPMAX programs at ISB Hyderabad require candidates to have a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any discipline, or CA/ICWA, etc. Additionally, a minimum of 5 years of full-time work experience is necessary for the PGPpro program.

To begin the PGPpro application process, candidates who meet the eligibility criteria need to fill out an online application form on the ISB website. The application process involves several steps, including providing academic credentials, employment details, two letters of recommendation from current and previous managers, and two essays of 400 words or less. The essay topics may vary from year to year, but in the past, candidates were asked to write about their past work and activities and how they would contribute to ISB’s mission to develop future leaders.

After submitting the online application, candidates will be called for an interview by the admissions committee. The admission decision will be communicated to the candidates within four weeks of the completion of the interview process. If a candidate is offered admission, they will have to pay the admission fee within ten days to secure their place in the program.

ISB Hyderabad Admission 2023: PGP MFAB

A comprehensive general management programme for next-generation family business owners
Fees INR 41.98 Lakhs
Duration 15 Months | Modular
Eligibility Criterion Bachelor’s degree and 0-5 years of work experience + BAT Test
Batch Size 50
Location Hyderabad and Mohali
Commencement date August 2023
Upcoming application deadlines 19th March 2023 – Round 2
Application fee INR 15,000 + GST

The PGP MFAB program offered by ISB Hyderabad includes two international immersions. One of these immersions takes place at the Kellogg School of Management on its Evanston (Chicago) campus, which is renowned worldwide.

To be eligible for the PGP MFAB program, candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent qualification, such as CA. While no mandatory work experience is required, ISB Hyderabad considers 2-3 years of experience to be valuable.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can submit an online application form on the ISB website. The application process involves providing details of your academic credentials, employment history, and family business. You will also need to appear for an online-based test called the Business Admission Test (BAT), which is designed to assess your business acumen and analytical thinking.

The application also requires you to submit four essays that discuss various topics related to your business and your reasons for pursuing the MFAB program. After submitting your application, the admissions committee will schedule an interview with you, and you will be informed of their decision within four weeks of completing the interview process. If offered admission, you will have to pay the admission fee within ten days to secure your place in the program.

ISB Hyderabad PGP MFAB Selection Criteria:

The selection criteria for ISB Hyderabad’s PGP MFAB program are based on the following factors:

  • Knowledge of Family Business
  • Business Leadership Potential
  • Inclination towards Achievement
  • Size, Scale, Complexity, Legacy of Business
  • Academic Performance
  • Performance in BAT Test
  • Work Experience
  • Overall Performance in Personal Interview

ISB Hyderabad Admission 2023: FPM & EFPM

ISB Hyderabad provides FPM & EFPM, a research-based program at the doctoral level. The FPM program is a full-time course that lasts for 4 years, while the EFPM program is part-time and lasts for 3 years. The fee for the EFPM program is INR 47,60,000. Admission to both programs is based on the candidate’s overall academic performance, professional performance, recommendations, and work experience.

ISB Hyderabad FPM AND EPFM Eligibility Criterion

Course Information Eligibility
Fellow Program in Management Duration: 4 years Location: Mohali and hyderabad 4 years Bachelor’s degree or 3 year Bachelor’s degree with Post Graduation degree

Executive Fellow Program in Management Duration: 3 years Location Bachelor’s degree + 8 year of professional work experience

  • 2 letters of recommendation

ISB Hyderabad Admission 2023: AMP Programs

Course Name Eligibility Deadline
Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics (AMPBA) Requirement: Bachelor’s degree + 2 years of work experience + GMAT / GRE/ NMAT / CAT

  • Personal Interview
12 March 2023
Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare (AMPH) Requirement: An Undergraduate Degree or a Diploma in Medicine/Pharmacy, with at least 3 years of work experience in the Healthcare industry. Student is required to submit: Personal Statement and two reference letters. Personal Interview is conducted for shortlisted candidates 30 April 2023
Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure (AMPI) Requirement: An undergraduate degree in any discipline, with 5 years of Experience and Entrepreneurs and consultants with three years of Experience 19 March 2023
Advanced Management Programme in Operations & Supply Chain (AMPOS) Requirement: An undergraduate degree in any discipline, with 5 years of Experience and Post Grads, entrepreneurs, and consultants with three years of experience  19 February 2023
Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy (AMPPP) The course is for senior professionals. There are no minimum requirements as such. 26 March 2023