IIM Shillong – Indian Institute of Management Campus Facilities

  Shillong   UGC   ESTD 2008
  Shillong   UGC   ESTD 2008

Campus Facilities


  • GYM

IIM Shillong Campus:

  • Modern Infrastructure: IIM Shillong is likely to have modern academic buildings equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities.

  • Auditoriums: The IIM Shillong campus may include auditoriums for conducting various events, conferences, and seminars.

  • Library: An extensive library is expected, providing resources for academic research and study.

  • Hostel Facilities: Accommodation facilities for students, including hostels, are usually part of the IIM Shillong campus infrastructure.

  • Sports Facilities: IIM Shillong campus often have sports facilities to encourage physical well-being and recreational activities.

IIM Shillong Hostels FAQs:

Q: Is it mandatory to reside in the hostels at IIM Shillong?

A: No, staying in the hostels at IIM Shillong is not compulsory. Hostel accommodations are provided for the convenience of students who live far from their permanent residences or for other reasons.

Q: What is the quality of food like at IIM Shillong?

A: The mess facilities and cafeteria at IIM Shillong hostels offer nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages to ensure a healthy diet for residents.

Q: Are single rooms available at IIM Shillong?

A: Yes, students in their second year and above in undergraduate or postgraduate programs are provided single occupancy rooms. Typically, students are accommodated in twin-sharing rooms in their first year.

Q: What amenities are available at IIM Shillong Hostels?

A: Basic amenities such as beds, chairs, tables, cupboards, along with facilities like 24/7 electricity, water supply, Wi-Fi, common rooms, and mess facilities, are provided at IIM Shillong Hostels.

Q: Are gymnasium facilities available at IIM Shillong Hostels?

A: Yes, there is a gymnasium equipped with fitness equipment at IIM Shillong hostels for students to engage in health and fitness activities.

Q: Can hostel students access the library at IIM Shillong?

A: Yes, hostel students at IIM Shillong have access to the library, which serves as the knowledge hub of the institute. They can access a wide range of reading materials and databases.