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  MUMBAI   UGC   ESTD 2021

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India’s leading SkillTech University is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Atlas SkillTech University is a Self-Financed Skills University which has been established vide ATLAS SKILLTECH University, Mumbai Act, 2021 (Maharashtra Act No. XV of 2021) of the Government of Maharashtra.

The world of work has reformed dramatically and altered the prominence and hierarchy of skills across the globe, which calls for a highly agile and resilient workforce. Companies have realized the importance of ‘change’ and are investing heavily in skill development and upskilling of the workforce to become future-ready. With the advent of Industry 4.0, companies are reinventing work practices that will need new skills and tech-savviness.

Atlas SkillTech University is a futuristic model focused on emerging trends and skills for young India. Technology-enabled learning has changed the focus to skills-led education with strong participation from the Government, Industry and Academia.

Atlas SkillTech University is a collaboration of eminent personalities from the academic and corporate world with the objective of transforming the skill development ecosystem and making it responsive to the current and future needs of both industry and citizens. Atlas SkillTech University will play a lead role in promoting India's New Education Policy NEP.

For India, which has the largest demographic dividend, skill development is critical for both economic growth and social development. Providing a mechanism to acquire skills and creating a skills growth program for continuous improvement is fundamental to achieving inclusive and sustainable growth.

The State of Maharashtra accounts for 10% of India’s workforce and contributes to the highest GDP among all states. The Atlas SkillTech University aims to bring Corporates and Academia together with the objective of addressing the job opportunities and employment potential of Maharashtra and its people.

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