AIMS Institutes FAQs

Q. Is AIMS Institutes good for MBA?

Ans. MBA is two years long and a four-semester course at AIMS Institutes. The college is well equipped with qualified and experienced faculty and close exposure to the industry is provided to the students who are studying MBA in AIMS Institutes. The institute is ranked among the top one percent of B-Schools.

Q. How to apply for admission to the AIMS Institutes?

Ans. The Admission process at AIMS Institutes is online, one needs to follow the following steps:

  1. Register and pay the application fees
  2. Check for the verification email
  3. Fill the application form
  4. Upload all the documents required
  5. Selection Process
  6. Provisional/ Final Admission

Q. Are there any executive programs available in AIMS Institutes for working professionals?

Ans. Yes, AIMS Institutes, Bangalore is providing a post-graduate diploma in Management program for working professionals weekend Programs. 

Q. How is student life at AIMS Institutes?

Ans. At AIMS Institutes students are provided with all the indoor and outdoor sports. The AIMS Institutes believe that sports activities improve both the mental and physical fitness of the students. MBA Department bagged championship awards during the year 2008-09 and 2009-10 competitions. Sports and cultural committees and various clubs and societies are also part of AIMS Institutes student life.

Q. How are AIMS Institutes for International Students?

Ans. International students admitted to AIMS Institutes find the institute, faculty, and surroundings much comforting to carry on their studies. The observation of several important days, cross-cultural environments provides international students with a feeling of home.