ZCBI offers one year PGP in collaboration with EGSM School, Switzerland

While we have an illustrious faculty list, we also have an accomplished advisory council, with Dr Nikhil Agarwal heading the initiative as the Director for the Zensar Centre for Business Innovation in Pune.
ZCBI Campus, Pune
Our Philosophy
The philosophy behind this school is largely to create a knowledge based society leading towards a knowledge economy.
The industry is demanding for IT and ITES organizations to become knowledge companies. Further more as the economy is pacing towards becoming a knowledge economy from traditional trading, it has become essential to acquire domain expertise and knowledge. With our foray into the knowledge domain we intend to become a completely knowledge based Company and become knowledge partners for our customers. As a knowledge based Company that focuses on harnessing innovation, the view is to be in the business of knowledge creation and dissemination and hence this is a unique Innovation that fosters this approach. Zensar Centre for Business Innovation has taken formidable steps towards providing value added service to its partner organization by developing successfully trained Human Resource thus providing value adds to the customers and with a balanced approach towards the global business environment the Center also aims at Business Transformation to bridge the gap between industry and academia

Our Program: 1 year Post Graduate Programme in Business Transformation
This program is offered in academic collaboration with EGSM Graduate School of Management, Switzerland. The candidates have an option to earn twin certification from ZCBI and EGSM. The EGSM would offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) which would be equivalent to 24 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. EGSM Graduate School of Management would host 4 weeks Overseas Leadership Module at Switzerland. The highlights of the programme are:

• Guaranteed placements with MNCs at the management cadre, with a starting salary of Rs. 6 Lacs pa, with renowned companies like Kinetic Engineering, Lifestyle, Landmark, Zensar to name a few.

• Internships with MNCs and an overseas leadership module for 4 weeks in Europe.

• Accomplished faculty from leading institutes like UCLA, Univ of Michigan, Univ of Maryland, European Business School, IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-K etc

We are looking for bright graduates with 1-2 years of experience in the industry. Applications would be invited from all interested candidates across streams. Fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply for this course. While reviewing the received application forms, the admissions committees will consider the following: Completed academic records, Test score, Evidence of Leadership and motivation, Letters of recommendation (desired), Level of job responsibility and work history, and unique talents and contributions in various areas outside of work. Applicants are reviewed on their potential for successful performance in graduate business studies and their competitiveness within the current applicant pool.

Our Teaching Approach
Our belief is that, learning should always be interactive and participative. The best form of learning is in a group by sharing ones experiences with others. This programme is developed and designed based on exactly this unique pedagogy style. It possesses a tone of our core Indian values blending smoothly into the spirit of Global competitiveness to efficiently harness this world around us. This distinctive mix of collaborative learning would help participants in developing world-class business capabilities and business thinking minds that could impact the business world. The programme focuses on building strong management leadership through discussions, corporate interactions, live projects, participation sessions and overseas study tours. The focus of the programme is to build domain expertise among the participants with a strong emphasis on leadership & building overall managerial capabilities. In the current global business scenario it is important for students to be exposed to international processes & practices. Through our international study programme and internships, students will have the opportunity to study & work at foreign locations to get a holistic view of the business in those countries.

The educational approach of the One Year Programme is a careful balance of case learning along with course work, lectures, experiential exercises, workshops and field studies. Students would become members of supportive and challenging learning communities. The experience would be hands-on and teamwork based, with extensive opportunities to work with real companies and real managers on real projects. Classes are taught in state-of-the-art class-rooms featuring network access for every student. The school has many syndicate rooms, which offer students the opportunity for experimentation, video practice, simulation exercises and group preparation. The full-time program is rigorous, intellectually demanding and time-intensive. Students would typically spend 60-80 hours per week on course work and projects.

The programme would foster a collaborative learning approach. The ability to work in and manage teams is becoming increasingly important in business practices today. Taking those skills from the program is a key part of each student’s leadership development. Students would be assigned to small teams for the entire year of study. These teams are composed of students with diverse backgrounds and experiences to enhance the overall learning experience for each team member. In group projects, study groups and competitive assignments, teamwork is crucial to success. A greater understanding of teams is bolstered through formal discussions and presentations throughout the year. In addition to formal team projects, a strong community of mutual support develops from the important role informal study groups play in the school’s academic culture.

Curriculum Details
The curriculum is co-developed by our Professors and Members of the Advisory Council. We are committed to provide the latest industry and academic inputs. We have audited the curriculum by our partner companies, academics & the industry executives from leading MNCs. This programme offers specializations in either of the following Retail / Marketing, IT / Operations and Financial Services.
Our curriculum is designed in such a way that students would spend one-third of their academic time in real-life projects to blend their theoretical base with practice. Students would also be exposed to real-time international scenarios during their internship and international study course. This participation would help in working methodologies of international companies and understanding of the local markets.

Our curriculum is blended in such a way that one-third of their academic time student would spend doing real-life projects to blend theory with practice. The students would be exposed to real-time international scenarios during their internship and international study course. This participation would help in working methodologies of international companies and understanding of the local markets. 30 pc of our courses are taught by top Foreign Professors from leading international universities like European Business School, University of California, University of Maryland. Participants are given opportunity to integrate theory with real-world problems. The employers would find our students quick decision makers, smart, possessing global breath of knowledge and ready-to-work in the industry.

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IN FINANCE: Candidates who are typically interested in careers in financial services, investment banking, insurance, financial management in other industries or consulting.

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IN RETAIL/MARKETING: Candidates who wish to pursue their careers in booming industry of retail & marketing.

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IN IT/OPERATIONS: Candidates who are inclined towards operations management, supply chain, consulting, information technology, business analysis would be suitable for this specialization.

This 12 months highly intensive programme would be divided into three terms:
• General Business Transformation Leadership Module – 4 months. In this module participants would undergo the compulsory core courses along with workshops and exposure to domain specific tools in retail & financial services.

• Domain Specialization Module – 4 months. In this module participants would pick up electives of their choices from the list of electives provided. Participants are encouraged to do project research in the area of their specialization to gain substantial knowledge in the related schema.

• International Leadership Module – 4 months. The international leadership module has two phases. Phase 1 will be international exposure, it is endeavored that students are exposed to international work culture by studying for 4-8 weeks at EGSM, Switzerland. In Phase 2, the participants would undergo internship of 6-8 weeks in the designated departments of our partner companies in India/abroad.

Faculty Support
Zensar Centre for Business Innovation faculty members, are renowned for their scholarships and their innovative and dedicated world wide teaching. They are the foundation of ZCBI’s reputation as a centre for the study of Business Transformation and for training the next generation leaders in Retail, Operations and Financial services.

Our faculty is carefully drawn from leading international academic institutions to give participants a true global advantage. The centre is strongly supported by senior executives from leading Indian and foreign organizations to share their industry expertise with the students, integrating theory with practice.

We would encourage you to go through our website and research for yourself the value addition that this school can provide you in one academic year. We wish you all the luck in making a successful career for yourself.

For further information please visit our website www.zcbi.org or contact us at [email protected] In case you happen to visit Pune, do drop by and pay us a visit at our campus!

Zensar Knowledge Park,
Plot #4, Kharadi, MIDC, Off Nagar Road,
Pune – 411014.
Ph# 020 – 66057500 / 66074000 / 66032500 / +91 9922965408

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