XAT 2020 Expected Sectional Cutoff

XAT Cutoff 2020
XAT Cutoff 2020

XAT, which is also known as the Xavier Aptitude Exam is a management exam on a national level conducted by what was formerly known as Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), or the Xavier School of Management for admissions into their Post Graduate Diploma in Management course of two years or a crash course of fifteen months.

The examination is one of the most crucial entrance exams for MBA aspirants, and almost all of them appear in this examination alongside CAT. It unlocks some of the unparalleled Business Schools in India, which includes the flagship college XLRI Jamshedpur, the college which conducts the exam.

Every year, approximately around 90,000 aspirants appear for the examination, and the score obtained in XAT is accepted all over the country in premiere institutions in the bracket like XLRI in Jamshedpur, MICA in Ahmedabad, SP Jain in Mumbai, IMT in Ghaziabad and XIM in Bhubaneshwar.

Examination Pattern of XAT:-

The pattern for XAT is very unique as compared to all other MBA entrance examinations held in India. It is also one of the toughest examinations for MBA aspirants owing to the fact that it includes General Knowledge alongside the usual parameters.

This is what keeps the XAT scores generally low, and achieving 35 marks leads to a 95 percentile. The questions pertaining to verbal ability are considerably tougher than that of CAT, and combined with the sectional cutoffs apart from General Knowledge shoots up the difficulty level.

Expected sectional cutoffs in XAT 2020:-

On the basis of all the past trends and factors, the sectional cutoff percentile of XAT 2020 is as follows:

Business Management– The percentile that is to be received by males in the Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning is 79.46 and that for females is 75.

In the Decision-Making section, male candidates have to obtain an 80 percentile, and female candidates, a 75 percentile.

In the Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section, the percentile cutoff for males candidates is 90, and for female candidates, it is 75.

Overall, male candidates need to score a 96 percentile and female candidates have to score 95

Human Resource Management– In Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning section, male and female candidates need to score an 85 and 80 percentile respectively.

The Decision Making section commands a 75 percentile from male candidates and 67 from female candidates.

The percentile that is to be received in the Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation is 72 for males and 67 for females.

Overall, the male candidates need to score a 94 percentile and the female candidates need a 93 percentile.

Global Management Programme– In Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning, every candidate needs to score a 5 and above percentile.

In the Decision Making section, the candidates again need to score a 5 and above percentile.

The Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section commands a 6 and above percentile.

Overall, all the candidates need to have a 22 and above percentile.

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