‘XAT 2014 answer keys will not be provided nor will there be a re-evaluation’

XLRI officials have categorically stated that answer keys to XAT 2014 will not be provided. The plea for answer keys arose when XLRI officials decided two days ago not to re-evaluate the papers. Officials at XLRI said that the institute does not follow a policy of providing the answer keys “and when the institute is sure of the results, why provide them?”

Earlier this week, some XAT candidates claimed that there was an issue with the evaluation of their XAT scores. Of these, most alleged that Set D was not evaluated properly, while some had issues with Set C.

Candidates have been urging for a re-evaluation since the XAT results were announced earlier this week. It may be recalled that a similar cry last year led to a re-evaluation call of all XAT scores.

This year however, the ending is expected to be different. XLRI officials told PaGaLGuY that before the results were announced a thorough re-check was conducted with a different process just to make sure that there is no lapse in either of the processes. “And after the results were announced, we did another investigation since we received a few complaints,” said an official. “Since we found no problems, we have decided not to re-evaluate of XAT 2014 results,” the same official added.

Some candidates apparently wrote in to XLRI about their scores but they received individual replies which read like: The results have been checked again and no discrepancies found.”

It is difficult at this point, to know which direction this movement will head, though in all likelihood this chapter will close. A point to be noted is that unlike the CAT exam, there is no normalisation process in XAT and hence less chance for a candidate to find his score way off his expectations. And considering that XLRI did re-evaluate its results once, it is quite capable of doing so again, had it found any loopholes in the complaints received so far.

While some candidates may have a genuine point, it could be that some others are simply hoping for a re-check given their not very impressive marks and so the push for a re-evaluation looks huge.