Women,Women all the Way!!


I wonder not many of us know the real story behind this global day. (Don’t worry I won’t be boring you all with all those lengthy history facts n figures!)

Just to sum up in short, it started as a National day in US, when around 15000 women workers marched out in a rally demanding shorter hours, better wages and their voting rights. So February 28th,1909 was the declared day.(Around a century ago!) Later in 1913, a German leader of ‘Social Democratic party’, Clara Zetkin suggested to turn this day into an international one so that all the women of the world could come up and unite for their liberty and rights.

And so from then on, every year, ‘Women’s Day‘ is globally celebrated.

Each one of us admire and respect women for their various achievements and recognition.. be it in any field… engineering, medical, business, defense, entertainment, music,art ….et al. (Don’t worry, I’m not going into the details nor i’ll list their names here! as I am very sure that you must be knowing all of them very well!)

Me being a feminist takes pride in the overall development of our women society. Though I do know, that, she still faces tortures, obstacles and a lot more on every step she urges to move forward; but, I also know very well that now, she holds the courage to fight back and stay erect unlike past! And she has to go a long long way ahead, clearing all those road blocks behind herself.

Today, I want you all to share with me any one female admirer/motivator/role model in your life (apart from your family members), that you really look upon and respect with all heart.

To start with,I’ll share mine with you all. Though there are many woman whom I respect totally but to name one, I would say courageous lady, Shada Nasser, a Yemeni lawyer. Many of you wouldn’t be knowing this lady, but she is the first female lawyer in a country like Yemen where women’s illiteracy rate is around 65%. She helped a 10 year old young wife (Nujood Ali) to successfully divorce a 30 year old man and helped her in relieving from the everyday torture and harassment. Besides this, she has also helped other brides to overcome with tortures they were facing. She serves them free of cost. In a conservative and male-dominating society, she has to fight everyday for the young brides and women in Yemen. She is also acclaimed of the “Women of the Year Award” by Glamour Magazine in New York.

I was totally inspired with her work, courage and her constant efforts.

Now it’s your turn… I’ll be happy if I get to know yours… ?