A crash to remember

It has been a long time since I am striving to write my first post. Well, I am glad to finally muster the courage to write this experience of my life.

This incident happened a long time ago, during the life of my graduation, the life which will never come again. It was my first year in college, and the best part about being in first year is that everything is new: the events, the people, the places and of course the freedom we sense. It took a couple of months for me to make good friends to hang out with. This story is about me and my best buddies of that time – Mayank and Sumit. We were a popular trio of our college. I lived the most amazing time with them. We used to visit Sanchi (a place famous for the ‘great stupa’ near Vidisha in the state of Madhya Pradesh) almost every week.

It was a Saturday and we were fed up with the same routine classes and therefor, planned to visit Sanchi. The one thing we were consistent at was bunking classes and getting late for the college. However, 80% of the final exam used to be based on the lectures we missed. Anyway, let me get back to the story.

We started our journey towards Sanchi. It was very busy highway. And the heavy traffic on that road was mainly comprised of heavy duty vehicles like buses, tractors and transport trucks. Mayank was riding the bike. We had barely covered a mile when I saw a guy riding a bike right in the middle of the road just in front of us. Asking for side, Mayank blew the horn and tried to overtake him. As soon as he overtook him, a transport truck came right in front of us and he had no choice than to slowdown the speed. He turned the handle of the bike here and there like a flickering tube light and lost control over it. We fell on ground skidding away from the road.

As we were sliding across the surface, our bike hit a person walking at roadside. As soon as we hit that man, he started crying. We thought he must have hurt badly. As we got our consciousness back, we asked the person whether he was alright. He was not looking injured at all yet he was crying. We apologized him for hitting and hurting but he started crying even louder. We asked surprisingly about what went wrong with him.

The guy remained quiet for a while and after sometime he said – “ Bhai sahab meri maa hospital main bharti hai, unhen khoon ki jarurat hai aur main uske liye din bhar se bhatak raha hun” (my mother is in the hospital, needs blood and I have been searching for a donor for the whole day). We were silent for a moment and looked at each other. I asked the person “which blood group do you need?” We understood the whole situation and went to the hospital along with him.

As I saw the lady on the bed, I became speechless. She was badly hurt and injured. I told the person not to worry. I took doctor’s permission for the donation and after a regular check up I was all set to give blood. My blood group is B (+) and luckily she needed the same. We forgot our own accident looking at the innocent face of that person. Blood donation to a needy was seeming very peaceful to me. But to my surprise, Mayank and Sumit also became enthusiastic to donate their blood. We almost had a fight for donating blood to that person. We were feeling sorry and disappointed for whatever happened. Perhaps we thought that by donating blood, we would be able to subdue our feelings of guilt. Even the doctor was surprised to see our desperation for blood donation. Finally, we reached a consensus that we all will donate our blood.

That was the first time I and my friends donated blood and since then trio of us practice blood donation often. We did not ask our parents for doing this but we were very contented, and it was very satisfactory for us. I never felt such sense of humanity and sacrifice in my entire life.

That’s how in this world things go right at the worst possible moments and leave you with some wonderful memories. We bunked our classes for fun and experienced an unexpected incident but it incorporated a great sense of kindness in us.