Women’s Day !!

 In this twenty first century, where we all have latest and updated things in every aspect, but our thoughts and thinking are still very old and biased. This latest and updated will be of no use if we don’t update our thinking. Today is International Women’s Day, but it’s not just about women who sacrificed their lives, who fought for their rights, to show sympathy for the loss and pain suffered by women, but it’s a remainder that we have not changed our thinking, not updated views towards women.

It will be true the true women’s day when there will be equality of gender, mutual respect and peace everywhere and that day we no longer have to say it’s a women’s day as there will be no difference between men and women at all.

We call Earth as our mother, but what we do of her, pollute her and still expect her to survive for all of us up to infinite time. It’s we who are responsible for her condition and same is the case with women. A “Day” any day we have in our calendar is not just like or weekdays to decide when to work and when to go to picnic, but to make us aware that lot of work is yet to be done.

We all understand this difficulty but nobody steps forward to work for the cause and those who work we suppress them saying it’s not your job, let the government to do it. If our thinking will be like this then we don’t have any right to ask for justice.

To change the world you don’t have to be someone extra special, you just have to be human first and then responsible. Don’t try to teach people what is wrong and right but learn yourself and follow it in your life. Once you do this, your family will follow this by looking at you, understanding you, then your neighbors and colleges in your office and their family and the chain goes on and one day the goal will be accomplished and then we will not have to celebrate any day.

Just like we freed our motherland from Britishers, women also deserve freedom from our old thinking and men have to be man enough to give respect and fight together with women against the injustice happening with them.

If we don’t wake up now, it will be too late and there will be many more women’s day will come and there our next generation will also curse us for our silence.

Like the two sides of coin women are the other irreplaceable side of life and that why God given right to give birth to child only to women.



I wrote what i felt, if anybody have some problems or did not like anything i will delete it, no offences.