Why Winters rule over Summers- 10 Reasons!

Here is my set of reasons why I always hate it when summers start ! I know winter has it’s own drawbacks too, but still, I feel these reasons are enough to put summers below Winters when it comes to preference!
1) Power Cuts: Well, to start with, I don’t think anyone reading this can deny that he/she has never abused the ‘Electricity Department Officials’ with the worst of slangs available in Hindi and English when there’s a power cut in summers (though mostly Hindi, better for expressing true Indian emotions). On the other hand, in winters, it’s just a casual ‘Oh shit’ and in case you are fast asleep, power cuts mostly go unnoticed! Plus, however long we use heating devices, the electricity bill is always less in winters, so the season is ‘Economic’ too!

2) Clothes: Most of the students, especially who are lazy enough not to get their clothes washed regularly, will get my point here itself, without reading further. Yes, one of the biggest bliss in winters is to wear the same clothes for more than one day and know that everyone around is ok and not very much informed of the repetition. Blazers and jackets cover it all- overall! J But then, not in summers dude! No way, unless you want to stink badly! Winters- feeling cold- no heater- wear clothes and sit. Summers-feeling too hot- no A.C.- you can only start removing clothes and then stop at a point! Yeah, you got me.

3) The great Indian Weddings: This is the worst one. You go to a wedding in summers, however classy or 5-star it is, it’s a real challenge to keep oneself sober with all those suits, heavy clothes ,makeup and smile all the way (now girls will get my point easily). While regular touch-up freaks out females, the ties /suits/ shervanis are something males want to rip apart and get free. I hope few will relate :p

4) The cozy bed: No A.C. can beat the warmth and comfort that a snuggle in a warm blanket provides, because it’s a reluctant affair to get out of the bed in winters, which shows how good they are!

5) No lizards, cockroaches or mosquitoes: For many, these are a nightmare. In summers, a lizard crawling on wall or a cockroach wandering around in the room are not only common, but undesirable. Winters, folks, has extremely less probability of these! So no loud screams of ‘Yuuckkks’ and ‘Shhhooo’, no mosquito bites. You’re safe there ? !

6) Bathing: All the hygiene freaks may chill for a while. Yes, all others still reading, I’m one of you. It hardly matters if I don’t take a bath for even 5 days straight in winters (not going beyond that, given all people do not have sinus and nose blockage issues like me). Try that in summers. No, please don’t, especially when you go out and meet people, because it’s wrong to punish people for your faults.

7) The snow: Winters offer snow and summers offer loo. Do I still need to elaborate?

8) Easy communication: This one is beneficial for couples (and maybe singles too). Lying in bed, covered with heavy light proof quilt, chatting with anyone in low volume and easily letting parents believe that you are fast asleep. Yes, summers brings up a communication gap!

9) A need for haircut: Long hair is not an issue in winters, and they are the biggest mess in summers. The amount of frustration one has while managing them in summers, especially when they’re sweating all the time, is unbearable. (Just got a haircut- Crew cut)

10) Water: Not that every state in India has water scarcity as stark as my state Rajasthan has, it is a real issue to handle guests in peak summers with irregular water supply and empty water tanks. Also, people living in small houses or flats may know it’s a challenge to accommodate guests during summers. In winters, people just snuggle into any space they find! Winters bring us all together.