If Indian bestselling authors wrote A song of Ice and Fire

Just how authors like Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Datta are attributed with the accolade that they got the typical Indian youth (definition debatable, but get the drift :P) to read, Game Of Thrones got them to watch better TV shows. A thought of “What would be the book titles if Indian bestselling authors wrote A song of Ice and Fire” struck and I, along with the help of @mak1901 compiled this list.

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t kept up with the show. ?

2 Estates – A brief history of the establishment of Westeros (the South) and the Wall and Beyond (the North)

Four point someone – What not to do at a Purple wedding – How Tyrion Lannister could have avoided being accused of Regicide. Also featuring a brief account of Sansa stumbling from one crazy encounter to another

The immortals of North of the wall – An extensive guide on how to make Zombabies version 1.0

The 3 mistakes of my wife – A gripping story of everything that went wrong with Catelyn Stark by Ned Stark’s narration

One night at the Green Fork – Attended a wedding, eventually met the Gods. #JustStarkThings

The God(s) of infinitesimal things – So what exactly happened to Theon Greyjoy and Lord Varys?

The maid who sold her dragons, only to yell Dracarys and burn down the entire city – All about Daenerys Targaryen freeing slaves in every city that comes in her way while yelling “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!” on every third page. (coming soon to Indian IT companies)

Revolution 20-20 – Prince Oberyn Martell’s sexual fantasy

One night at the Blackwater Bay – A gripping account of Lord Stannis Baratheon’s downfall. And further downfall. And OMGSHADOWMONSTERBABY

Of course I love you, but you’re my brother – A twisted tale of love, drama, emotions, rape, murder, attempted murder and kingslaying

You were my crush, but then I struck three arrows in your body – A compelling story Ygritte’s heartwarming tale of love, despair and wall climbing

What/Who young Arya wants – It’s basically Sandor Clegane compiling Arya Stark’s kill list