Why MBA in U.K.?

The U.K. has emerged as one of the leading destinations for Management, Business, and Finance across the world. With some of the most sought after business and consultancies headquartered in the UK, studying management and related subjects in the UK becomes a natural choice.

Traditionally, Universities in the UK offered Masters’ degrees in Management through their respective Schools of Management which were inherently academic in nature. The Universities have also altered curriculum with changing times and specifically cater to MBA programs in the UK. These programmes are carefully designed to support industry requirements making graduates more employable than ever.

Interestingly, most of top ranking Universities still offer Master’s degrees which have been tweaked to suit employability expectations as well. Institutions such as the London Business School (LBS) offer both Masters and MBA to cater to all student aspirations.

Additionally, Masters programs in the UK usually span over a period of 12 months while the MBA programs range between 15 – 21 months. Naturally, MBA programs tend to be more expensive than its postgraduate counterparts.