Why Engineering and Technology in the U.K.?

Why Engineering and Technology in the U.K.?

The United Kingdom has always been at the forefront of providing relevant and cutting education to students interested in pursuing Engineering, Technology, and Information Technology. With some of the biggest firms in these sectors based out the prominent cities in the U.K., home graduates are certainly at an advantage.

Good technical education is usually a delicate mix of sound theoretical knowledge and industry oriented training. Most of the top Universities for technical education are usually surrounded by some of the most renowned employers making the integration even better. On many occasions, several industries have also contributed to capacity building of these Universities since time immemorial, and are aiding ongoing research at these Universities.

Graduates from top schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Sheffield, Bristol, Bath etc, are globally sought after owing to skill sets obtained during their training during education.

Most Universities offering technical education also offer combined B.Eng and M.Eng (Bachelor and Master of Engineering respectively) to their students which equips students with the necessary advanced skills to excel in their respective fields.

Engineering disciplines are also some of the most diverse groups when it comes to overseas student composition with a sizeable chunk from South Asia particularly India.