International Higher Education

International Higher Education

The World, as we see it, is a congregation of nations with each nation distinctly showcasing her own systems of educational prowess.

The World, as we see it, is also becoming more connected, dependent, and interlinked. Business, Technology, and Innovation have surpassed international boundaries. With such an unprecedented change in global affairs, global education gains paramount emphasis.

Educational Systems are nationally arranged and each country formulates her own rules of procedure regulating admission, curriculum, and intake. More often than not, a student aspiring to study overseas is flooded with oodles of information and diversity of opinion often leading to confusion.

We at PG, have valued Students above all, and believe in making the process of decision making simpler, logical, and authoritative. India being one the top contributors towards sending students to pursue studies abroad, must be able to make informed choices.

Therefore, we humbly place before you an information repository portal focused on International Education spanning multiple regions with one single agenda – to help you decide better. We assure you utmost integrity and non-partisanship and promise to help you make the most suitable choices for you.

Thank You!