Why IMT Hyderabad?: Through ROI Lens

The Institute of Management Technology in Hyderabad is the fourth and newest campus of the IMT Group. The IMT Group is famous for offering world-class MBA equivalent degrees in India.

Being part of the same group, IMT Hyderabad aspires to not only provide the best management education to the students but also prepare them to become ‘socially responsible business leaders’.

The flagship course of the IMT Hyderabad is the full-time 2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Management. More than thousands of students apply for the PGDM courses of IMT Hyderabad every year.

If you are in a dilemma about whether or not IMT Hyderabad is the right institute for you, you are one of the many thousand candidates who face this tough decision. One of the best ways to determine which MBA college to apply is through the ROI.

ROI refers to the Return on Investment. It is widely used in corporate companies to assess the profitability of its products and services. Since the popular notion for pursuing an MBA degree in India implies an investment, students use a simple comparison to assess the advantage of their dream colleges.

The simple method of juxtaposition between the total course fee and placement packages gives a fair idea of the opportunities offered by a particular Management Institute.

This also allows the students to estimate the total time it will take to pay back the educational loan (if applicable) in the future. The contrast in the pre-MBA and Post-MBA salary packages for the working professionals is another way to compute the ROI.

Nonetheless, it will be naive to determine the ROI of an educational degree just through the fee and placement package comparison. An institute offers much more than the training to get a job. Students get experience, exposure to different fields, peer interaction, opportunity to hone old skills and develop more capabilities.

ROI of IMT Hyderabad: The Simple Way

  • Course Fee: The total course fee of 2-year full-time PGDM from IMT Hyderabad is Rs.14 Lacs, including the refundable caution amount
  • Highest Salary Offer: The Placement Report of 2017-19 batch highlights the highest salary to be in the Marketing specialization domain at Rs.17.33 LPA. The highest salary package saw a sharp rise from the previous batch’s figures.
  • Average Salary Offers: The average salary package of IMT Hyderabad ranges between 6.25 to 7.93 Lacs.
  • Top Average Salary Estimate: The average of the salary packages for the top 10% is Rs. 15.54 Lacs. Likewise, the top 20% average package of IMT Hyderabad is Rs. 12.64 Lacs. The top 50% offer average is Rs.9.63 LPA.
  • Minimum Salary Offer: The minimum offers for IMT students ranges between Rs. 6 to 6.5 Lacs.
  • Increase in Salary: The minimum salary component for all functions rose from the 2018’s placement figures. Most of the specialisation functions saw an increase in both highest and average salary offer figures.
  • The decrease in Salary Packages: The highest salary packages of both HR and Operations declined from Rs.7.2 Lacs and Rs.12 Lacs in 2018 to Rs. 6.50 Lacs and Rs. 8.76 Lacs in 2019 respectively.

The IMT Hyderabad Advantage: How good in IMT-H?

IMT Hyderabad succeeded in establishing itself as a top MBA institute of South India due to the following factors.

  • Huge Campus: The campus of IMT Hyderabad is spread across 30 acres of land.
  • Classes are delivered by stellar academicians, renowned guest lecturers and top industry leaders, including many CEOs.
  • Exposure to Vibrant Exchange Programmes: IMT Hyderabad collaborates with over 40 international colleges and universities for both student and faculty exchange programmes.
  • Network: IMT Hyderabad boasts a large network of Alumni of more than 13k members.
  • The excellent Placement Record reflects the quality education of IMT Hyderabad. As per the latest stats, the 2017-19 batch students recorded a stellate 98.7 per cent.
  • IMT Hyderabad regularly counsels the students and provides “Psychometric assessment”.
  • The faculty supervises and guides students in their 14 weeks Internship Programme.
  • IMT Hyderabad adopts modern pedagogy and a “Participant-Centric” approach to deliver the classes.
  • Besides the MBA curriculum, IMT Hyderabad offers Personal Development and Skills Development Classes for the overall progress and growth of the students.

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