Why I started the Thread

There hasn’t been an article written about a thread on this forum. So, this is a first.

When I started frequenting this website, the first two threads that I truly enjoyed tracking were the “PagalGuy Coolest Avatar” Contest (PGCA) thread, and the Pursuit of Happiness (PoH) thread. I used to actually look forward to the new stuff hosted on these threads! Then, the PGCA thread reached its conclusion with the declaration of the Winner. And the PoH thread dried up, with few questions and fewer responses.

Exactly a year later, The PGCA thread started again, and this time, I was more than a mere spectator. This culminated in me winning this edition of PGCA.

One down.

A couple of days ago, I restarted the PoH Thread. Why, you ask? Because, I owe it to this community.

And why am I writing this? Because most people don’t have a clue about this long-lost Utopia.

When you have problems, you need an outlet. Rich people hire a shrink. The others line up at the PoH thread!

As a newbie, I was hesitant in interacting with people on this forum. That is partially because I was in awe of them. I had seen their posts on PoH.

If you have not seen the older threads, you have missed the life altering posts of rahicecream and akhil_tiwari. puri.pallavi managed the thread with aplomb, and pitched in with wonderful replies of her own. Stalwarts like naga25french and visionIIM-ACL, even deepu , would reveal their emotional side, and people flocked to read their experiences.

I am occasionally filled with regret that My participation level was low back then, and I could not be part of the legacy of PoH, like saniyamakhijani , peligro ,himspuy, gudda1122 and shanky24 .

So I relaunched the PoH thread, and with the help of many jubilant participants, we have given this Legendary thread a shot in the arm.

So, if you want to know what PG is truly about, why people on this forum greet each other like family, what is the madness all about, head over to the Link below.

If you are a known face, *fistbump*

If you are a newbie, we welcome you with open arms! Just make sure you read the rules on the first post, and follow the decorum.

I don’t guarantee any Karma level jumps on your profile. But it will do wonders for your Intellectual level! ?

Welcome aboard!

Pursuit of Happiness – A New Dawn