A Tete-a-tete with my Manager

Snippets of a conversation I had with my “Boss”, a couple of months back.

Me: Sir, can I talk to you for a few minutes?

Boss: Sure, but who are you?

Me (Guess it’s going to take a while): Sir, I belong to your team in the Customer Management division.

Boss: Aah right! I recognize you now. You’re the new trainee, right?

Me: Well, sort of sir.

Boss: Sort of? You mean to say you’re not a trainee now?

Me: No sir. I meant I am not new now.

Boss: Oh you’re couple of months into the job and you call yourself an old employee huh?

Me (What!): I have been here for a little over 6 months, sir.

Boss: Oh! Time flies ain’t it? It seems like just yesterday you joined here. So what do you want to talk to me about?

Me : I’m planning to give a few MBA entrance exams, so need some time to prepare. I want to take an LOP leave for a month.

Boss: Take 6 months….

Me: Sir! Thanks a lot sir!

Boss: … but don’t return…

Me (Ah the twist): Why sir?

Boss: Then what! We’re having a lot of interesting projects coming up and you want to go on a leave now. I was even thinking of putting you in a very good project.

(What?!? You didn’t even recognize me 5 minutes back and now you suddenly realize I am good enough for an “interesting” project)

Me: Sir, at least for half a month?

Boss: We only give bulk leave for serious injury or for marriage. Are you suffering from any serious ailment?

Me (Racking my brain to see if having indigestion yesterday could be considered a serious one): No sir

Boss: Are you getting married?

Me (Ha! Wish my ex-girlfriend was getting married to me rather than to some American Indian dude): No sir… Not even close..

Boss: Then no leave.

Me (showing one of my sad faces): Oh ok sir.

Boss: While you go, call Mahish and ask him to meet me. His probation period is over it seems. Need to talk to him regarding his confirmation order…

Me: @#$%%^&!

[PS : I am Mahish]