Why CAT doesn’t re-evaluate?

When in final year of my Engg. College I got my first job, I was very happy. Like every fresher in India I have started with very enthusiasm but within two years I have realized that I deserve something better. A better workplace, A better job profile, better people to work with and of course a better salary. And the dream of studying from an IIM was always there.

As I was placed in a town where CAT coaching was not available and also to concentrate fully on my goal, I decided to quit my job in month of December 12. My father who despite getting economical help because of my salary did not think twice to give me an opportunity to achieve my dream, welcomed my this decision.

And I started to live in a most expensive city of India called Mumbai. One year, I have lived in alone, attending only coaching classes and only studying. I want to let my readers to know that living in Mumbai jobless and alone in a flat is quite challenging and frustrating. But I was hopeful, that my dedication and hard work will pay one day and I will go to an IIM.

And on 1st Nov my exam went very good. I attempted around 20 in both the sections. I was expecting not less than 98%ile but on 14th Jan I shocked to see that I only got 20.82 %ile. Yes I am the victim of the system which went wrong somewhere. Yes something wrong has happened with my result. I called the helpline but the gentleman told me that he is very sorry madam but nothing can be done.

Every year many students complain about incorrectness in result but nothing is done. This year I am in that list too. Yes CAT is not fool proof examination. The 20 days window online exam couldn’t be trusted. The Prometric and IIMs are great but they practice dictatorship. Why CAT is online?What is usefulness of normalization?What extra advantage we get from an online examination? If it’s online why we don’t get instant score like GMAT? Or why it does not happen twice like CMAT? Why it can’t be like a good standard and glitch free exam XAT?

In spite of many cavities in system if IIMs still want to donate money to Prometric then why don’t they have provision of re-evaluation?Why I have to suffer because of the mistake of others?If I really scored only 20%ile why I can’t get chance to see my score? What should I do now? Forget all things and aim for next year? But what will I do if same happen with me next year too as this happens every year?

We students want IIM to review their CAT Exam. A premier institute like IIM can’t work so cloudy. Either it shouldn’t be online or it should have provision of re-evaluation.