Sarcasm , I hope not !!!

I am working with a PSU and have been posted at India-Bangladesh border for quit sometime now. It costs 15 k-20 k each time for me to travel back to India and write an MBA entrance exam .But boy do I learn , Cat 2013 was my second tryst with the unpredictable . Below is my performance so far in the Verbal Ability section of CAT and XAT.

Cat 2012: VA 95 percentile , XAT 2013: VA 99.5 percentile

CAT 2013 : VA 90 percentile

According to keys and projected percentiles released by various institutes, I am likely to score 99+ percentile in XAT 2014 VA section. XAT 2014 result is expected to come by 31st this month and is my last hope for this season . So the game is still on !!! (Sarcasm , I think )

Now let me take you back to 2013 when like every other aspirants I wrote CAT mocks too. I fared really well in this section and my average percentile score for over 30 mocks was 98 . Based on this performance institutes like CL and TIME predicted that I shall land up with 99+ percentile in CAT 2013 . But something went wrong ,isn’t it ??? According to results my performance was below average ,just 90 percentile .

I contemplated on this mishap and found only myself to blame for this paltry performance. I have failed many who were rooting for me to secure a coveted seat in premier IIMs this year. I want to say “sorry mates “, I shall try harder next time. I was chatting with a friend on Facebook ,she told me to read few posts posted by aspirants like me with abnormally low VA score who wrote CAT from 6 Nov-10 Nov. I then checked it on Pagulguy and came across similar responses.

May be I am not able to cope up with this failure of mine and thereof thinking on lines of normalization being the evil . But then why did I score better in a paper-pen format of XAT while competing against the same crowd. I am big fan of online aptitude tests but something is not right here. People with 98+ score in QA section have scored 15+ percentiles in VA , I personally know them ; I have been preparing with them for MBA entrance exams .

But then I read this “If it helps your score in anyway, normalization has dealt with that one wrong question, according to CAT 2013 Convenor ” and I said………………………………………………………………..Sarcasm , I hope not !!!