Love again??

It was 27th of August 2013, I was on the verge of my break up with Sigma when I saw Swati for the first time. I had always believed that I could not be in love with anyone other than sigma and here I was being proved wrong. But then, I consoled myself calling her a crush. For the last five months, I’ve been so perplexed that this matter alone consumed a lot of time. Five months and I still could not fathom if its love or just a crush until the day before yesterday? No, I didn’t exactly got the answer, but I got an intimation. I saw her talking to few guys and it didn’t go right with me. I felt like crying. My feelings were incomprehensible for me. On one hand, I call her my crush and on the other hand, I feel possessive about her. Is it okay to feel possessive about your crush? No? Then is it possible that the person you are calling your crush is actually your love? Various thoughts had beleaguered my mind for last five months and so finally I decided to confess everything to her. She completely understood my feelings, a talk with her pacified me. I promised her that the day I would comprehend my feelings, I will straight away unveil it to her. I hope that day arrives soon. Till then, we promised to stay very good friends. Read more at