What Technical Skills Every MBA Student needs?

India accounts for the most significant number of people pursuing MBA education as higher studies. With the business scenario in the country taking a bullish run, combined with the number of start-ups being found, Business Studies is one of the most viable options for any student. Management skills combined with technical knowledge is a combination that every company is looking for. However, with the current influx of MBA schools and students, one has to stand out among the usual herd. Specific technical skills end up being the prerequisite for any successful MBA student. These skills may or may not be included in the general curriculum, but every company expects its employees to have a firm grip over them.

Following are a few essential technical skills to be looked after

  1. Microsoft Excel- Be it having your data presented nicely or running various searches and sorting data according to your requirements, Microsoft Excel/ Spreadsheets is a vital tool to be looked after. Not just the general idea about the app, but the in-depth knowledge of how to use the various tools and algorithms, along with linking sheets to each other, is beneficial for both- sorting data for your clients as well as a valuable planning tool for yourself.


  2. Coding/Programming languages- Today’s times are no longer where coding and programming languages are skills that only engineers need to have a grip on. With the era of data analytics coming into the picture, programming languages like Python and database management system languages like SQL are required by all MBA aspirants. This trend can be reflected in the college educational cycles where most of the Commerce and Economics colleges have inculcated SQL and Python. Languages like JavaScript and HTML can also be a valuable asset for anyone interested in exploring the website analysis part of business analytics. JavaScript can also be beneficial towards using some tools for analysis.


  3. Wireframing- Many companies look for individuals who can help in website management and development. With most businesses going more or less virtual, partly because of the covid situation, wireframing comes in handy for anyone who wants to develop and curate business via a website. The arrangement, alignment of data helps one to present it in the most viable way. Content creation becomes much simpler and more iterative as opposed to simple web coding. Updating websites and also other hacks are simplified via wireframing. Thus, it is another tool to be looked after.


  4. Design (Graphic design Website look etc.)- Along with wireframing, a person should know the basics of graphic designing to cater to the demands of the clients. A successful business development team always includes a graphic designer who would present the data in the best way possible. With digital marketing picking up pace, graphic designing is more like a prerequisite because it’s the face value of the content that would get you the clients. Here apps like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, JavaScript come in handy. Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are helpful for high-end graphic designing. 
  5. Data Analysis- We have already iterated on the importance of Data Analysis in any field today. The current time is the best time to learn data analysis because of the enormous supply-demand mismatch for the said field. Python becomes a prerequisite for Data Analysis for using advanced apps and working on databases. Apart from it, Excel is the old fashioned yet viable way for doing the job for you. Data Analysis, when extended towards business analysis, is something that every company is looking for.


  6. Technical writing and communication- A proper way to communicate is the best way to win an elevator pitch. You should make sure that you are the best possible communicator when talking to a client or even your colleagues, for that matter. Proper corporate communication skills and even efficient mail writing are essential prerequisites for an MBA student.


These are the technical skills to be mentioned in your resume before sitting for an interview. These would determine whether you are getting your dream package or are settling for a lesser one. Apart from MBA studies, these skills have become a prerequisite for every student pursuing most professions. With the digital era coming in strong, we need to keep ourselves equipped with as much knowledge as possible. When you are sitting for an interview, it is you who are the product to be sold. Why not prepare the best pitch in the form of these must-have technical skills? 

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