What is Happiness Index?

Date  – 6th Feb,    Venue – The Orchid , Vile Parle ,  Mumbai

WAT –  Teacher Training Programme in India has not been effective in India . No effective teachers are being produced Through  Training Programme . It is better to stop all these Training Programme and  save public money to build Toilets and infrastructures in Schools.  Analyze and  argument ……etc

Panel 4 –  Professor 1 ( Anirban Das )  Professor 2  ( Not Able to find )

P2 – So, Anup you are a production engineer , how production engineering is different from mechanical engineering ?

Me : Told ( There are few Papers  that are more managerial that we study in 7th and 8th Semester )

P2  : No , I am not asking about papers , but as an overall role they play ?

Me :  Mostly Production Engineers are handling role that mostly relates directly to production like production supervisor  or even in PPC their role comes …..LiKE in my company   mostly these roles were  given to a prod. Engg. ( I was exception )

P2 : Ok, So u were in PPC ?

Me : No, sir I was in L&D , working as Training Manager.

P2 : Ok, What u were Doing?

Me:  Explained them in detail about how Time , motion study was used in training to reduce skill conversion time .

P2 : Wait ? What is that skill conv??

Me: Sir, it is time taken to convert a trainee into operator ( Conversion of Skill level )

P2 : Ok , Can you tell me what are the types of yarn?

Me: Sir , It depends on Count ( I.e Thickness of fibre is called count ) Varies from 1 to 100.( Can varie more)

P2 : Ok , Can you tell me how variability in yarn can be dealt with variability in production?

Me :  Stuck ( Blank )

P2 : Did you understand my question …?

Me : Sir ,Can you repeat that….

P2 : Ok, tell me what are variabilities in yarn that comes?

Me : Sir , only the thickness and initially some mixing comes into play  other than this if you are taking dyeing into account . it was not done in our plant.

P2 : Laughingly , Ok dying was not done there ?

Me: No , sir only yarn manufacturing.

P2 : What about Arvind mills ? Look towards P1 laughingly

Me : Sir, I don’t have any idea about Arvind mills but they are also in textile and Vardhman is the major leader in yarn industry. (  Later I came to know Arvind is in Ahmedabad )

P2 :  Asked one more question related to what parameter to look into Fully automated plant ? ( Don’t remember exactly )

Me: Answered , but was corrected by P2 .

P1 comes into play

P1 : So Anup you have written that you are looking for some data to agree with author ? ( Referrin to WAT )

Me: Yes, sir as I think without proper data , we are mere giving opinions .

P1 : But what you will do with that data , they are mere chunk of numbers?

Me: Sir, We all can share our opinions and views in day to day life but taking such decision of stopping training programmes  without any sound data analysis is vague.

P1: What data are you looking for?

Me : Sir, I would say  what are the % of students getting failed in schools % of teachers passed/failed through these training programmes.   

P1 : But still how data can  help you in making decision ?

Me: Sir , I would like to add one point that recently a data was released by aspiring mind  showing unemployability among  80 % of engineer ……this figure 0f 80 make us think that problem is grave and engineers are not getting job ……if the same figure would have been 10% or 5% , we don’t bother much…data’s are helpful in understanding different scenario..

P1 : Tried to question again but  P2 came into play …

P2 : So  , Do you think so many engineers are not getting job ….there should be  some training for professors of engg. Colleges?

Me : Definitely , sir…There is a need for that…( Confidently )

P2 : (Smiles)  Why you think so?

Me : Sir , the education is not job oriented there , even lot of my peers after getting job faced lot of problems  in  their job  as they felt what they are learning  now , should have been done in college itself . like I myself faced  lot of problem in learning excel as most of my work was related to data and  I was not  good with that……

P2 : (Going completely out of the track) But most of the parliamentarians  are given training but yet it is dysfunctional?

Me : Sir, I think two opposing parties would never like to agree on to same views

P2 : You are also giving opinion now……how can you say that..?

Me :  Sir, we can look for data in this case also.

P2: Ok , What data u will look?

Me :  What number of bills were passed /not passed …..blahh…..

P2 : (seems satisfied)Ok, data of republican and democrat will be helpful in this?

Me: Yes , it can be…

P2 : Ok….Anup u was working in L&D …Can happiness be taught?

Me  : Sir , it can be but mostly comes from inside.

P1 : Which is the happiest country in world?

Me : Switzerland.

P2 : Ok, What is happiness index?

Me: Sir, Not sure about it.

P2 : So did you guess?

Me: I studied about it somewhere …and about its measurement but was not aware about index.

P1 : Which neighbouring country of India follows this index?

Me : P1 gave hint , then I guessed Bhutan.

P2 : I can see you published a paper in international Journal ..what was that?

Me: Told

P2 : Ok, There is one more paper that you presented individually in some International Seminar…Where it was held?

Me: Sir, It was held in Goa.

P2 : What was it all about?

Me : Sir, this Seminar was on Emerging Trends of Entrepreneurship……and I presented a paper on Trends of direct selling Business  and its impact

P2 : So you did some research on to that?

Me: Yes, sir

P1 : So, you read newspaper?

Me : Sir , not a regular reader but follows financial market ….regularly as I want to pursue a career in finance…..blahh

P1 : ok , Tell me about Jan Dhan Yojana ?

Me : Told

P1 : Don’t you think opening so many account is a problem?

Me : Definitely  , sir ….if I go to sbi they would take atleast 2 days to open my account may be more than that also…..so opening crores of account  in short span of time ….definitely a problem.

P2 : Smiling as I answered

P1 : So, Anup Last question……How much forex reserve India has?

Me : ( Arey yaar bas yahi nhi  ata )

Sir, not sure about reserve but I know GDP is 2 trilliion$.

P1 : Starts Laughing ….I was going to ask this question but acha hua nhi pucha otherwise you would have answered..Not a problem take a guess..

Me : Sir…..40 billion $ ……I know about world’s forex is somewhat 80 trillion $ not sure about India.s

P1 & P2 – OK…Anup u can leave.