Tips to crack IIT JEE Multiple Choice Questions

JEE Main multiple choice questions require aspirants to pick the correct answer from a set of options. There are generally four options to every question, out of which one, or more than one option is correct. It is usually seen that candidates consider objective questions easy as compared to subjective.

Despite the wide spread liking towards MCQs and JEE Main paper pattern, multiple choice questions could be difficult to tackle. At times, the choices may appear similar and therefore you might get confused. In order to answer the questions correctly, students need to have deeper insight of every topic in the syllabus.  

Understanding this, IIT JEE rankers and Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) from Plancess have listed down some useful IIT JEE preparation tips to crack IIT JEE multiple choice questions successfully!

Understand the question

Identify the important part of the question and apply your logic. Understand what the question is before marking the answer. Once you are sure, only then tick the answer. Choosing correct answer is really important, since every wrong answer might result in deduction.

Don’t be in hurry during JEE

Giving the right answer is very crucial in IIT JEE therefore mark the answers carefully. Don’t guess the answer too soon! Take some time to think and make necessary calculations. Stop and read the question and options carefully.

Choose technically correct option

It is often seen that people tend to ignore options like ‘all of the above’ and ‘none of the above’ thinking such options are never correct. In reality, these options tend to be right more often.  Don’t jump into any option abruptly.

Do a little guess work

Even though guess work is not always the best practice, it might work at times. If you are not sure of an answer, make a guess! Delete some options, which you think is incorrect and try to relate the leftovers with the questions to check what answer you get. Remember, guess work is not always beneficial. So try to avoid it!

Don’t change your answer

Avoid changing your answers frequently. Generally, the first answer is always correct. Regularly changing the answer might prove wrong at the end. This also leads to confusion. Therefore, stick to one answer regularly.

Move on

Despite of several attempts, if you are not getting the right answer, switch to the next question. Sticking to just one question will waste your time. Solve other questions, and return to this one once done with all. You can spend the remaining few minutes in solving this question.

Students can use the above tricks for both online and offline exams. Candidates should make sure they are stress free and calm before writing IIT JEE test. Since, due to tension you may lose concentration and might mark a wrong answer.

The Plancess Edusolutions team is present on PaGaLGuY with the user id @plancess. Write to them to get more tips and ideas. This article was originally published on their blog JEE-Mag, and has been lightly edited for clarity.

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