Flipkart founders win hearts at IIT Delhi’s Tryst 2016

The second day of Tryst, the extravagant technical fest of IIT Delhi went on with great enthusiasm shown by the participants and the audience alike.

The prime event scheduled for day 2 that attracted the maximum audience was the Q&A session with Sachin and Binny Bansal, founders of the Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart. The success of the event was apparent from huge crowds that had gathered outside the venue. The Bansal duo described their journey from being JEE aspirants to IIT-Delhi students. Their story first as Amazon employees and then establishing their own company was awe-inspiring.

An event called Heartfulness had lectures on the power of meditation. The event was held to help people take time out for themselves from their super busy schedule.

Students showcased their robots at Mine Maze and Roboball.  Texword organised by the Textile Engineering Society was a unique experience. Students got an opportunity to express their innate mathematical genius in events like Math Buzz and Life O’ Mathematics.

The Economics Club organised a few events of its own including OmniscienceMock stocks and Capitalist Conundrum. A case study competition called Watch the Road was organised by National Service Scheme (NSS) chapter of IIT Delhi on traffic rules to prevent accidents.  

The Amazing Race organised by the Biotechnology department took the campus by storm. With clues hidden all over the campus, students were seen running from buildings to canteen in their bid win. They were encouraged by enthusiastic students from all over Delhi who had converged on the campus to be a part of Tryst 2016.

The day also featured lectures by roboticists and researchers like Richard Stallman, young innovators like K. Vaithweesharan and social activists like Ravi Kalra.

T-shirts were given off to students for their impromptu performances enjoyed by the audience.   The Immense participation was observed at all events with students hoping to win the prizes or just looking for an opportunity to participate. The day ended with screening of the movie District 9.