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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is conducted by the Education Testing Service, which is popularly known as ETS. In addition to GRE, ETS conducts many other tests, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, and PRAXIS. For candidates willing to pursue post-graduate education in any field, including business and management, GRE is an important stepping stone in the application process.

The GRE involves multiple-choice questions and essay writing and conducted in both pen and paper as well as computer-based modes. However, most students usually opt for the standardized exam through a computer-based test mode.

The GRE scores are required when applying to any of the post-graduate programs in the majority of the universities worldwide. The GRE provides candidates as well as schools and universities with an opportunity to measure and compare the qualifications and preparedness of candidates for graduate-level academic work and education.

Now, it is true that GRE is not the only factor considered when evaluating candidates of admissions, it is one of the most essential factors. Graduate and business school admissions committees evaluate your GRE scores, academic records, and other supporting materials to assess the readiness of any candidate for graduate academic studies.

What does GRE entail?

The GRE measures the candidate skills and command over various basic academic aspects, arithmetic, geometry, data analysis, and algebra. It also evaluates their vocabulary and English-language comprehension abilities in the context of post-graduate academic studies.

The verbal section involves an evaluation of written material, a critical thought process, and problem-solving. More detailed information regarding the curriculum can be found on their website. The test involves the following three sections:

  • An Analytical Writing Assessment Section with Two Essays
  • Two Verbal Reasoning Sections
  • Two Quantitative Reasoning Sections

Additionally, you may receive an unscored section, which can be either Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning.

How is GRE scored?

  • The combined score for Verbal Reasoning sections ranges from 130 to 170, in 1-point increments.
  • The combined score for Quantitative Reasoning is reported on a 130–170 score scale, in 1-point increments.
  • Analytical Writing essays are scored on a scale of 0–6, in half-point increments.

In addition, one must note that both the Verbal and Quantitative sections are adaptive. In other words, the scoring system of the subsequent section depends on the score of the previous section. However, in one section, all questions have an equal contribution. A raw score is calculated for each section, which is then converted into a scale score.

What is a good GRE score?

Candidates preparing for any exam wish to score well and want to know what a good score really is. However, as with any exam, stating an exact good score is difficult. Additionally, the courses accepting GRE scores are in hundreds perhaps thousands, all of which may have different requirements.

So, what is a good GRE score? The GRE is scored on a scale of 130–170 each for Verbal and Quantitative sections. A GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores are received after the exam. Fun fact: There are only 41 possible score combinations that candidates can acquire on the GRE. This is highly beneficial as one correct answer may significantly enhance your score.

It would be easier to understand by referring to the following table. The quality of candidates’ scores depends on other test-takers. For example, a 25th percentile score (Verbal: 144; Quant: 148) would be a low score.

As 25th percentile indicates that 75% of the test-takers, that is, the majority of them, have scored better than you. A 50th percentile score (Verbal: 151; Quant: 153) would be an average score, indicating that the score is better than the 50% of the test scores.

Now, a 75th percentile score (Verbal: 157; Quant: 160) is a good score as the candidate has scored better than most of the test takers. A 90th percentile score (Verbal: 162; Quant: 166) would be evidently excellent as the candidate has scored better than 90% of the test takers.

Score Verbal Percentile Quant Percentile
130 <1 <1
135 3 2
140 12 8
145 27 20
150 48 38
155 69 59
160 86 76
165 96 89
170 99 97

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