What are you made up of?

I really dont need a specific day to recount her contributions to my life. But it’s probably because I’m 1000 KMs away from her that yesterday when it beeped almost on every platform about this day, I thought of writing this brief account for her.

I remember her preparing me for my school ensuring I had completed my breakfast , kept my water bottle, all notebooks ,and then waiting for me at 4 pm, meanwhile finishing all other daily chores,cooking the food again for me, then preparing something to eat in the evening, buying daily necessities from the market,arguing with the shopkeepers for some discount,returning back home generally by walking and not rickshaw to save few bucks, preparing the dinner and again cleaning up the kitchen .

I remember her carrying out the same activity for last 25 years,even more severely during my infancy.

Giving her share of food , pickle, salad, still goes on. But now when she does that, I keep on staring at her just thinking what are our mothers made up of! Now I love to shout at her when she gives her share of things, food, comfort etc to me and ask her when would she live carefree .

This day ,I thought of gifting her with something, may be a pearl set, some saaree. But couldn’t zero in on anything. Because I realise the best gift I can give to her now is my time. Even if I spend all my money I can’t give her that satisfaction by being away from home which my stay with her would give. I dont know if I would ever be able to repay her for what she has done for me, but I only wish I never hurt her in this life,in any other life, intentionally or unintentionally.

So if you’ve also not been able to talk to her in last few days due to any reason, call her now and tell you miss her.I’m doing that…now.

Wish you all a Caring and Happy Mother’s day…