Planes… beacon of hope

I have always been fascinated by watching planes while they stroll in night, shimmering like a lamp kite. While flying, a plane appears to be a nocturnal soul running with a beacon in hand in the extreme darkness of night, scintillating like a firefly, amidst the clouds, and then slowly recedes in air.

At night when I come to my terrace and look in to dark and black sky , a plane ,a blinking one appears coming in the middle of nowhere.This gives me a feeling as if a ray of hope is coming my way , asking earnestly that so what if you haven’t made it yet,don’t quit , get up and grab this opportunity knocking at your door and try again.For me this is an extremely blissful phenomena.

Don’t quit!

But this happens only when you are deeply committed in your life towards what you aspire for, what you truly love and what makes you feel euphoric even when there is no reason for you to be so. It can be anything from an exam to any competition, a job or even a street cricket match.

These few line by Shahrukh Khan always motivates and rejuvenates me.

“ In movies everything happens in two and half hours, bad happens continuously and then good happens ,you win and then everything is delighted but in real life it takes a little longer than two and half hours, it may take two and half months or two and half years or may be twenty years but finally it happens. You just got to have resolved, have patience and most important of all you got to have belief. There is nothing more important than having a belief. If you have belief that this is going to happen, it will happen. You dream it, imagine it, think it, eat it, drink it, sleep it, and wake it. You have to have belief like that”

The purpose of writing this is not to give an oration because I am no one to do so. These are my thoughts which I genuinely want to share with you, with which some of you might or might not agree but the truth is people conquer not by their luck but by their will because it’s a long process of setting yourself on fire.