The Campus Life @ LPU – Cultural, Academic & Sports

Life at Campus

The campus life at Lovely Professional University is full of vivid colours; there is something to intrigue everyone from cultural fest to academic events. The experience at LPU campus is wholesome and nourishing, and it will allow you to grow yourself in directions you aim for and also allow you to introspect your potential, the life at LPU is as follows:

Cultural Events

You’ll find cultural events happening throughout the year, with two being the most prominent and cherished “One India” and “One World”. The whole campus comes to life in the colours of such cultural events, during “One India” and “One World” you’ll find vivid happenings all around the campus, faculty members and students participate as one and the whole event is organized and coordinated by the student organizations.

Thus representing a harmonized chorus of management and culture. You’ll not only find the national cultures in such events but will also get the chance to experience life, the culture of other nations around the globe. Thus bringing you an experience of lifetime and memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Academic Events

The life at LPU is not only about cultural events, but you’ll also find several educational events throughout the year from distinguished guest lectures by global industrial icons to the departmental workshops to help you enhance your technical and non-technical skills. You’ll find diverse platter guest lectures that will allow you to gain the knowledge of the industry, and classroom workshops that will enable you to be a better communicator.

The academic events are not only focused on enhancing your theoretical understanding but also to test your knowledge. You’ll find several academic competitions organized by various student organizations to keep the students’ on the tip of their toes and to make them a better competitor for the corporate future.

Sports Events

For the sports enthusiast in you, there are sports events held throughout the university from departmental and hostel inter competitions to AIU championships there is all to get your inner sports enthusiast going. You’ll find vivid sports to play and learn from the most cherished sports Cricket to western sports such as American Football and Softball to fitness sports such as bodybuilding there is something for everyone.

To ensure that you can pursue your passion, and guide you in the path, there are clubs designated for each category of sports allowing you to get the guidelines and mentorship that is vital in such games. Some major sports clubs in LPU are as follows: Cricket Club, Best Physique Club, Football Club, Basketball Club, Baseball Club, and several, etc. famous clubs.

To know more about the vivid campus life at LPU please follow Campus Life @ LPU, the campus life at LPU is not only confined to such events, but there are several more things to savour when at LPU. I’ll be back again soon with more vivid colours of campus life at LPU, until then goodbye and have a great day ahead.

This is brought to you by Tarani Bojja MBA Student from LPU.

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