As people watch the unfolding of COVID-19 around them, it is pretty natural for them to have augmented feelings of anxiety and stress. Now, if grown-ups continue to feel this manner, then the children might not possess the same capability of rationalizing the present condition of the world.

So, it becomes the responsibility of the adults to discover ways to aid their kids to navigate through this crisis.

Some ways in which grown-ups can aid children in managing their stress levels are as follows:

  • Manage your stress – Kids have the habit of modeling their parents’ behavior and so when parents are stressed then children tend to be stressed too. Hence, parents must attempt and also keep the environment of the home nurturing, calm, and stress-free. Investing in a weighted blanket is a good start. Your house must be a harmless place for your kids. When you express anxiety, fear, or stress in front of your kids then your kids will copy these emotions easily. As kids possess an undeveloped frontal cortex, they can’t interpret stress appropriately and this results in various manifestations.
  • Yoga and meditation – Yoga is hugely helpful in relieving anxiety and stress besides helping in augmenting productivity as well as developing mindfulness. A few simple breathing exercises, such as chanting or pranayama are helpful to children for relaxing and lessening their levels of anxiety. You are never too late to begin to learn yoga because people of every age can extract benefits from their practice. Parents can always discover fun methods of keeping their kids engaged and in this context, teaching kids poses that are named after animals aid them to connect to the asana. You can always get in touch with “Yoga Education for Children” for learning more asanas and it is written by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
  • Family time – The good thing about lockdown is it has provided people a golden chance to spend quality time with their children and there is a possibility that people won’t get this time again in their lives. So, games are superb for all the members of the family when they wish to spend time together. Some games, such as Scrabble, Pictionary, and Charades can be extremely thrilling and fun for children to take part in. You can also keep your kids occupied in the kitchen with different cooking processes, interesting recipes, nutritional value, etc. Regardless of their age everyone’s loves food and so, family time becomes unique and special. Hence, people should make use of this opportunity for making family time memorable not only for them but for their children too. This will aid them in lessening stress besides developing a strong bond of family.
  • Physical exercise – This is important for every child to play and have fun. According to research when children get involved in even one hour of movement per day, it leaves a remarkable effect on their stress levels and learning. When parents encourage their kids to get involved in exercise then it will stimulate chemical alterations in their brains which will further help in improving thinking, mood, and brain function. Hence, it is best to come forward with various inventive methods for getting exercise and here, some easy options are developing an obstacle course utilizing hula-hoop, household goods, inventing some kinds of indoor sports, and jump rope. Now, if they do not seem sufficient, then people can conduct different classes through zoom or Facebook live like gymnastics, taekwondo, and physical fitness.

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Source: India Today 

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