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It is high time for a person who has decided on doing an MBA to start preparing for this enigmatic exam! With eight months to CAT 2020, read to find out the ideal CAT preparation plan. If you have already prepared for the CAT exam, then increasing about 6 to 7 hours per week till July would work.

However, for beginners, it may require closer to 20 hours per week or more depending on your state of preparedness, especially in Quant and the Verbal Areas!

Before you start prepping for the CAT, it’s imperative to grasp what entails the CAT exam and what marks/percentiles are required to urge into an IIM or other institutes.

Here is an analysis of the the CAT 2019 percentile and scores:

CAT 2019 Analysis revisited Plan

The CAT 2019 paper, stayed 24th November 2019, had three sections. The precise pattern of the papers reproduced below.

Section Area No of Qis Marks in Section Time Limit
Section I Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 34 102 60
Section II Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 32 96 60
Section III Quantitative Ability 34 102 60
Total   100 300 180

The student could attempt just one section at a time within the above-given order. Once the scholar had finished one part, there was no provision to travel back to its section again.

Each section consisted of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) besides as non-Multiple-Choice Questions (non-MCQs).  Also, there have been Negative marks (-1) for wrong answers for MCQ questions. For Non-MCQ questions, there have been No negative marks

Understanding Percentile

A percentile is calculating because of the Percentage of individuals below your marks in an exceedingly particular exam. For instance, 100 students are writing the identical, and one gets the first rank, then there would be 99 students below the student. Meaning 99% of students are below the scholar, and hence the scholar will get 99%ile therein exam.

In the same exam, if someone gets a tenth Rank, then the percentile would be 90%ile.

About 2,09,926 students wrote CAT 2019. To be the top 90 %ile, you need to be in the top 10% of the scholars. Not very difficult, mind you, if you set in the sincere effort! Going in IIMs could be a coveted dream of many students. But, most students don’t even attempt CAT or inure the identical seriously only because they’re not tuning in to what gets them this seat in an IIM.

The percentile required to urge a seat within the top 3 IIMs for an Open Category student is around 99 percentile. Similarly, if one has got to get into the following high 10 IIMs, the percentile for an open category student would be about 96%ile.

An SC, ST, or OBC candidate would force much less percentile to create it. The percentile required reduced even further to add gender diversity and academic diversity to the identical.

It is pertinent to notice that CAT used because of the written exam for pretty much all top Management institutes within the country, including FMS Delhi, Sp Jain Mumbai, MDI Gurgaon, NITIE Mumbai, all IITs and a bunch of others!

The sole reason students don’t take up CAT is that they are doing not even understand how easy it’s to urge into an IIM (given, of course, that one prepares consistently)! By getting a percentile of around 96 (130 scores), one can quickly get a call from the New IIMs and with a bit higher percentile into a number of the older IIMs too! And to urge 96 percentiles, one has got to score almost 130 marks out of 300!

CAT preparation for May-July

  • Go through all the concepts a minimum of once
  • VARC, LRDI, and QA need to be covered.
  • Solve as many exercises as you can.
  • Give topic-wise tests of every subject

If you’re thinking that, you’re getting a hold on the topics, try giving full-length mocks once in an exceedingly while.

CAT preparation for August-September

  • What you’ve got learned and to offer is implemented in these two months.
  • Focus on your strategy supported your preparation within the past 3 months
  • Take full-length mock tests
  • Analyze mocks, determine why you bought stuck on a matter, experiment with strategies
  • Keep giving section-wise tests to figure on your weaknesses and hone your strengths

CAT preparation for October-November

  • Give the third revision within the last two months
  • Keep giving sectional tests together with full-length mocks
  • Analyse mocks very thoroughly
  • Devise a Final strategy
  • Give a minimum 10 Mocks.
  • Give mocks like the final CAT exam.

Timetable for CAT Preparation Week wise.

Following a weekly schedule, rigorously will offer you a grip over others at the tip of the month. All you wish to try to do is to divide the available time for CAT preparation into three sections for 3 subjects each. Prioritize them. As an example, if your QA section is that the weakest among all the three, try giving longer for practicing QA topics. A sample of the weekly timetable:

Once you have set aside fixed hours for every subject, pick up the syllabus of CAT 2020 and allocate different topics of the week.


  1. Make a timetable as per your understanding of the topic and your capacity to learn.
  2. All the topics need to revise once again before closing the week.
  3. It is necessary to pace-up with time. Increase your studying hours as the clock ticks down.
  4. Re-analyze your weekly timetable as per your improvement.
  5. Take a walk, drink some water, or grab a cup of tea, give your brain a little rest after every 40 mins.
  6. After completing a test, reward yourself with a treat.

There is no standard timetable for CAT preparation. But by keeping the principles mentioned above in your mind, you can achieve your goals in CAT. Be consistent in your efforts, and have patience. Success will be yours.

All the Best!

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