What do Americans think about Trump’s H1B order

There has been a massive uproar after the H1B visa executive order was signed by US President Donald Trump. Indians currently studying in the US and those planning to go there have flooded social media with contrasting opinions about the H1B limit. But what do Americans think about the order is also an important point of discussion. While Trump has suddenly made all H1B workers feel unwanted, Americans have taken up for their Indians peers on Fcaebook. Here’s what US citizens had to say about Trump’s immigration proposal. 

Failure of the American Dream and loss of American jobs is what’s troubling the population there. An economy that is known to be built and running by immigrants is now marking the end of what described America. 

Americans have expressed their concerns about the loss to education and academics, and how letting go of H1B workers will drain talent out of their country. 

No just academics, but H1B workers leaving America also means loss of jobs for Americans. Some Facebook posts have detailed the negative impact of the H1B bill on the American economy, pointing out the loop holes in Trump’s plan. According to Americans, IT giants in the US would now outsource more jobs at lower costs to India, rather than letting go of Indian workers. Thus, the direct outcome of visa bill will also mean loss of jobs for US citizens. 

For some Americans, it also the loss of friends and colleagues. 

And finally, there is also the fear of ticking off literally 1/3rd of the world’s population. As H1B visas are majorly used to hire STEM talent from India and China, both together containing approximately 2.5 billion of the world population. Americans have mocked their own government on Facebook, calling the H1B visa move ‘dumb’ and ‘suicidal’.