We Got You Covered With These 20 Hacks On How To Crack Your Upcoming Virtual Interviews

Come 2020, the world over witnessed a transformation in the proceedings of everyday things. The pandemic implored everyone to shift their work methods to online channels. This was implemented even in the hiring process. All the interviews were shifted to the online channels and were taken through platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. The shift in the platform was not just a minor change because it brought several complications that the candidate had to ace to land up the job. These conferencing apps provide an altogether different interface for the candidates to interact with the board of interviewers.

Here are some tips to ace the virtual interview:

  1. Clarify the nature of the call: It is essential to know the objectives of the call right before appearing for the interview. Whether it will be a technical round or an introductory call, knowing this helps one prepare accordingly.
  2. Choose the device: It is essential to choose the device without any faults or glitches that can hamper the interview. A proper well-functioning device ensures no glitches in the online interview.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the app: Be it Zoom, Teams, or Skype, the interviewer will inform you of the platform the interview would take place. In order to eliminate any last-minute confusion, it is better to familiarize oneself with the functioning of the app.
  4. Prepare the basic questions:Be it a virtual interview or a real-time face-to-face interview, the candidates have to prepare the basic questions like introduction, experience, understanding of job description beforehand.
  5. Give interview from a quiet place: It is important to be in a space with no excessive noise in the background; therefore, choosing a quiet place for the interview becomes essential.
  6. Virtual Backgrounds- A Big No: Virtual backgrounds are not only highly distracting but also cause technical faults during the virtual interview. It is advised that students choose spaces that have a clean, sophisticated background.
  7. Choose a well-lit space: Being in a well-lit space is important. The interviewer should be properly able to gauge your body language and reaction to assess you properly.
  8. Be in a place with minimal distraction: Choose a place for an interview with minimal distraction. You should be able to direct all your attention to the interview without any external distraction whatsoever.
  9. Ensure you have a strong internet connection: Another important thing is to ensure beforehand that you have a strong internet connection. Any network-related disturbance during the interview would only dampen the experience.
  10. Choose laptop or desktop over cellular phones: Choosing a laptop or desktop over a cellular phone is always a wise decision to give the interview. This is because the very interface of these apps works well on the desktop.
  11. Clean the camera: Make sure that your device is clean, especially the camera. Your image should be clear for the interviewer.
  12. Practice a mock interview: Practising a mock interview is essential for the candidates as they can get the hang of the questions and environment of the interview and better prepare their strategy for the interview.
  13. Dress to impress:It is always important to dress for the online interviews in the most formal way possible. Your dress choice highlights your seriousness to the interviewer. Do not dress in casuals for a virtual interview.
  14. Inform your household about the interview: Inform your household about the interview well in advance to get your privacy and space for yourself while appearing for your interview.
  15. Set app to Full Screen : While setting the app view to full screen helps one eliminate any kind of distraction thereon, the entire focus of the candidate remains on the interview itself.
  16. Make a lasting first impression: The first impression should always remain the lasting impression. This is why it is important to greet and thank the board of interviewers and remain your polite best during the interview.
  17. Look Into the camera: Directly looking into the camera also becomes important and highlights the confidence level of the candidate.
  18. Mind your body language: Just because it is a virtual setup does not mean that interviewers would not notice your body language. To make a lasting impact on them, mind your body language all throughout the interview process.
  19. Be attentive: Online medium does hamper the attention span of many. It is essential not to let the medium alter your attention. Be attentive to everything that the interviewer says.
  20. Ask questions: Asking questions highlights that you are eager to know about the organization more. It also shows the fact that you were attentive throughout the interview. Although refrain from asking questions, the answers of which were already highlighted in the interview.

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