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Yesterday, we
gave you the following practice topic for WAT – “Corruption in sports committees and government interference are
degrading the quality of sports in India. Elaborate and provide remedies.”
This topic had appeared in the IIM Calcutta entrance in 2013. In this
article, we will look at the approach to use and some of the primary points to
be mentioned.

Guidelines – How to Approach this Question

First and foremost, the
structure of the topic has to be taken into account. It begins with a statement
which has to be kept unchanged.

This is both a knowledge-based
and an opinion-based topic. The first part of the topic tests your knowledge,
and the second part seeks your personal view.

The focus has to be on how (and whether) corruption and
government interference have contributed to the degradation of the quality of
sports. You can also use counter-arguments to provide a contrasting view.

With the help of relevant data
and facts, you have to address the given statement. For this, you can also cite
some past events which contributed in making this assertion.

Once you have expanded on the
different elements, you should move to the second part – devising the solution.
It is crucial to practise writing answers to this sort of topic because they
test your creative and logical thinking abilities.

What to Write in the Answer

Following are
some of the points that you can use for this question:

One of the biggest factors is
the lack of involvement of professional, experienced sportspersons in these organizations.
As someone who has seen the sports industry from the very inside, a
sportsperson has a very deep knowledge of how things run. If given a chance,
these former players can not only be great leaders but also transform the whole
domain of sports.

Nepotism in selections has
hampered the progress of many talented players. With inexperienced people made
in charge of sports bodies, the plight of innumerable sportspersons keeps on

The degree of this nepotism is
very extensive and there is not much improvement in sports. The same
administration runs things from top to bottom. This is again reflected in the
team selections wherein favouritism is so widespread that players with shining
records are repeatedly neglected and others are picked.

Since there is no innovation or
responsibility shown towards the public, reforms at the grassroot level appear
a distant dream. Accountability to the public should be factored in.

An effective device to
strengthen your answer here would be to cite examples. The Commonwealth Games
controversy could be used, where the mega-event was associated with corruption
charges against the political personnel. Elaborate in 2-3 lines.

You can also mention the recent
report by the Lodha Committee in which the retired Justice suggested one unit
per state and proposed taking away the voting rights of city-based and
institutional bodies. Elaborate how the Committee’s recommendations on the BCCI
administrative structure could bring about significant changes.


This is a test of your
managerial abilities so you should be innovative with the answer.

Start with a generic need for
reforms across various levels and transparency in decision-making.

Explain how professional
management structures need to be adopted and each unit should have its own
ombudsman. Here again, you can use the Lodha Committee report and mention its
paradigm-shifting proposal of bringing BCCI under the Right to Information.

Expand on the necessity for a
more players’ association. Try to think of ways in which such bodies could change
the realm of Indian sports. Focus on their functions, administrative structures
and criteria for member selection.

In the conclusion, summarize
the first part in 2-3 lines, and then underline the need for reforms and strong
administrative amendments.

The next topic
is – “A great city should not be confused with a populous one.” (IIM Lucknow, 2013)

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