VITBS Faculty Insights #2 – Be a successful MBA graduate

Greetings from VIT Business School , VIT University . “Place to Learn and Chance to Grow” First most objective of one to choose MBA program is to get placed in a position where society recognises in a holistic perspective. Perhaps this is true from a student perspective and reasonable expectation too.

Job Market obviously will look for MBA graduate with successful completion certificate with descent grading to offer a job. But if one has to enter dream company and to have prospective career path like corporate leaders Jeff Bezos , Paul Polman, Elon Musk , Sundar Pichai , Isabella Kocher, etc MBA degree alone is not sufficient, rather how that MBA degree creates an employable person through its curriculum is what one has to ponder before selecting an institution to score MBA degree. Getting Job is easy but sustaining career life is not that easy . To get rid of this statement ,MBA degree needs to enrich a student in a holistic perspective rather than educating mere concepts which has been established erstwhile. Industry is expecting an individual who has not only having subject knowledge but also the way in which he is practically applies the same with his own innovative thought process. Also it expects an individual to have transformational qualities as leader creating a vision rather than a manager who mere manages. To be a transformational leader, one has to have sufficient emotional intelligence along with IQ is what research among managers across globe has proven. To achieve this Emotional Intelligence along with theoretical knowledge, one has to choose MBA institution which has its focus on grooming an individual in all dimensions like Interpersonal Skills, , Leadership qualities , Cross culture exposure at global level , International market and its strategies, Corporate governance along with social responsibilities.

Being a proud alumnus of VIT Business School who relished VIT university as place to learn and chance to grow , I am very much confident in saying VIT Business school has different ways of grooming an individual to have afore said qualities within time frame of two Years . First year , understanding the importance of Personal development as what Warren Buffet said ““The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” it give due consideration in grooming an individual to understand himself and to map his personality traits with industry , company and last but not the least , the Profile which is suitable for his character. Second year, it ensures, MBA students are business leaders with in-depth knowledge one can govern the corporate successfully in global environment and also with more insights on self-Sustainability by establishing their own businesses . Before completing the degree program , an individual is getting moulded in different ways like Three Month Live Project with corporates, International exposure through abroad programs, different workshops on soft skills at various levels , case studies, Industrial visits , interdisciplinary research opportunities, last but not the least revised curriculum as what market expects. Ones an individual completes the degree it produces complete individual, prospective candidate to the corporate world and a responsible citizen to the society.

Prof B.Prabu Christopher – Assistant Director Academic Staff College

Faculty VIT Business School