VITBS Student Journal # 2 – Aswini Priya’s Life on Campus

VIT is one of the most well recognized and reputed college among top engineering colleges in India. The journey has started in UG where it taught me, nurtured me, gave confidence to stand out unique from other college students. The journey has prolonged to PG and now Ph.D. The faculties are so friendly and they are available all the time to clear my doubts. They are not only the faculty but also played the role of a parent in giving advice and whenever we are stressed they make us to come of it. The college is well known for placements in all the fields and it satisfies the students with the dream offers. I enjoy the infrastructure of the campus and the atmosphere in and around the campus. What matters the most is the curriculum followed by the college. To me, the most important things are the regularity, teaching methods of the faculties, accessing to the facilities and spacious and wide range of books in the library.

I credence that VIT BUSINESS SCHOOL has paved me the way to grow academically and gave the opportunity to explore myself in different events. The school has provided amazing lectures and helps to gain knowledge in all the subjects. The faculties make the class to be very interesting and engaging and they give lectures in smart board, gives hand-outs, power points. The school allows me to do online courses where I will gain knowledge about the subject with the real time examples. It helps me to grow and gain confidence as an individual.

In Research point of view, the college has given me the opportunity to pursue my doctorate in management. The college has provided more sources to collect articles regarding the research and it flexibly gave me to option to select guide as per our choice. On the whole, VIT gave me the chance to grow and it also a place to learn and explore new and different things. I wish and hope to continue my career in VIT.

S. Aswini priya

VIT-BS | PHD Student