UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2019 begins today: Last minute instructions for candidates

UPSC Civil Services

The UPSC examination or the Union Public Service Commission exam is a Civil Service Exam (CSE) in India that recruits capable individuals into the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The exam is held every year with a huge number of applicants from small and big parts of India. The upcoming UPSC exam will be held between 20th September 2019 – 29th September 2019.

Candidates often feel nervous and underprepared before the examination not only because of the massive competition they will be facing but also because of the difficulty levels of these exams. However, with a few hours remaining before the exam, the most important thing for a candidate to do is to relax their mind so that it is able to take up the pressure during the exam time.

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Before stepping into the exam venue, candidates can make a mental note of a few tips that will be of immense help to them during the exams. Here are a few last-minute tips for UPSC civil service exam –

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  1. Revision

Revision is the essential part of UPSC last-minute preparations. Make sure to be ready with the most important topics in the last minutes. However, a candidate should at all costs avoid preparing new concepts at this juncture. It will be a waste of time and blur the focus. Be thorough and clear with the core concepts and the ones you already know.

  1. Paper pattern and test series

Solving previous years question papers is a mandatory practice for UPSC applicants. Once you have practised these papers, you will get a clear idea of the paper pattern and other factors like time taken by each section. It helps in time management and having a fair idea of the paper.

  1. Check your speed

While speed is an essential factor in all exams, it is extremely important to be consciously aware of the speed during the UPSC examination. Candidates need to be at their fastest speed in order to be able to successfully finish the paper on time. Mock exams are good practice when it comes to speed check.

  1. Confidence

It is okay to feel a little nervous before the examination, but confidence is the real key to crack it. Always have encouraging and positive thoughts in your mind before giving the exam.

  1. Writing the answers
    • Pointwise answers always allow the candidates to cover more points.
    • Answers should be substituted with diagrams and flow charts for better presentation.
    • Answers should be in an introduction-body-conclusion format.
    • It is a good practice to read the question carefully before answering it.
    • Including a balanced view in the debatable topic makes the answer subtle and full of substance.
    • Handwriting should be kept as tidy as possible for the examiner to read them.

With these tips up your sleeve, you have nothing to worry about before the examination. All that candidates need to do is put in their focus and give the exam in an open mind.