The refund for a second CAT voucher, bought in hurried panic on not being able to edit information in the online registration should not worry you any more. Promteric is refunding candidates who bought the second voucher and they have come up with the following criteria for a candidate to be eligible for a refund. If any of them applies to you, you can request Prometric for your money-back on that extra voucher

a) You purchased another voucher due to your inability to edit the information in your profile or the data regarding the application (missed HSC, SSC marks and the like). OR,

b) You purchased another voucher due to incorrect spelling of your name, middle name not entered, name entered as initials, and first / last name entered in the wrong order.

You are also eligible if you bought the second voucher but did not scratch it. To obtain the refund, send an email to [email protected] with your a) full name, b) date of birth, c) email address, d) phone number, e) admit card number*, f) scanned copies of both vouchers and pay-in slips. Please mark the subject of the email as “Voucher Refund”. The last date of receiving all such emails is October 16, 2009. As any request for refunds will not be entertained post October 16, send the email as soon as possible.

Also, in the past few days, some of the candidates for the CAT have received emails from Prometric regarding rescheduling of their allotted seats for CAT 2009, resulting in a lot of confusion and perhaps anger from the candidate junta. However, according to Prometric, these are minor alterations to ensure the best testing atmosphere for the students and there is no need for the candidates to worry. This is what Ramesh Nava, Vice-President and General Manager, Asia-Pacific, Japan and Africa, Prometric has to say:

“Throughout the scheduling period, Prometric continually monitors the demand across our network of testing venues as part of our effort to offer the best testing experience and provide the greatest degree of availability possible in the regions with the highest demand. To achieve this, we might occasionally make adjustments in the number of workstations in each location and this could have resulted in the need to reschedule a small number of candidates. In such situations, every reasonable effort will be made for these rescheduled candidates to remain at their chosen location”.

Hence, I would reiterate that there is no need for panic; CAT is taken by lakhs of students every year and although Prometric and the IIMs might have some teething troubles conducting it online for the first time, it will surely not come underway of a smooth exam experience for you.

According to the update received by Prometric, the ‘admit card number’ as previously mentioned in the above post is the CAT registration number. Please include that in your request for a refund.

PS: If any of you have already applied for a refund, let us know about your experiences!

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