Karthik Goyal – A student of PGDM Batch 2023 -25 from the I Business Institute – Greater Noida


The PGDM degree holds an esteemed reputation as a symbol of academic excellence, promising unparalleled avenues for personal and professional advancement. Its appeal stems from its comprehensive approach to business education, encompassing essential skills in leadership, strategic decision-making, and understanding the complexities of modern corporate environments.

In this article, we highlight the experience of Karthik Goyal – A student of PGDM Batch 2023 -25 and a prospective future leader from the I Business Institute – Greater Noida, who shared his insights on the motivations behind pursuing a PGDM degree at IBI. 

With a background in e-commerce and HR, Karthik discussed his reasons for choosing this path, offering valuable advice on selecting the right business school aligned with individual needs and career aspirations. He also articulated his aspiration to enhance his skills in business analytics, recognising the abundant growth opportunities afforded by a management degree while reflecting on his journey of growth with IBI.

Aspirations & Entrance Process at IBI

The selection process at IBI, as Karthik explained, involves a rigorous yet comprehensive evaluation. Candidates are required to undergo a written exam and participate in a panel interview. The faculty assesses the applicants during a personal interview to determine their fit for the institution. This thorough process ensures that only the most qualified individuals who align with the institute’s objective are selected for admission to IBI.

Innovative Programme & Cultural Experiences

When asked about why he chose IBI, Karthik highlighted the institute for its unique offering, attributing it to two crucial factors. Firstly, he emphasised the knowledgeable and understanding faculty at IBI, which created an immediate connection. Secondly, he highlighted the manageable class size of approximately 140 students, distinguishing IBI from other institutions. This smaller batch size facilitates personalised learning and mentoring, contrasting with larger cohorts that often foster heightened competition.

Corporate Sessions & Personal Growth at IBI

Reflecting on his initial expectations and cultural experiences at IBI, Karthik shared a surprising revelation. While he anticipated regular corporate sessions, he initially felt this would be a general 10-15 session kind of interaction over the course period. However, he soon realised that IBI goes beyond its fulfilled commitment, organising frequent sessions where industry experts shared valuable insights, bridging the gap between theory and practical knowledge.

Karthik went on to highlight a pivotal project during his time at IBI that significantly contributed to his personal and professional development. Assigned to Hershey’s, he delved into the intricacies of sales and marketing, gaining a profound understanding of the importance of these departments in any industry. The experience opened up a new perspective, providing insights into customer interaction, market projection, and product placement.

Beyond the academic curriculum, Karthik spoke about the personal growth facilitated by IBI. The institution’s focus on club activities, including public speaking events, played a crucial role in building confidence. Students were given opportunities to address large audiences, fostering the belief that they could effectively communicate and present in professional settings.

Leadership Potential, ROI, and Growth at a Business Institution

Discussing leadership potential, Karthik shared his experiences in a class activity focused on organisational behaviour. The activity required students to form groups, with one member assuming the role of a leader. Karthik, as a group leader, acknowledged the significance of such activities in understanding and honing leadership capabilities, contributing to personal growth.

As the conversation turned to advice for prospective IBI students, Karthik emphasised the importance of specificity when choosing a business institution. He urged students to identify their desired specialisation and evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI) offered by the institution. Using IBI as an example, Karthik highlighted the institution’s reasonable fee structure coupled with an assurance of a lucrative annual package, showcasing a high ROI compared to other colleges.

Karthik aptly summarised his journey with IBI as a continuous learning experience, emphasising the cycle of overcoming challenges, learning, and personal growth. His insightful reflections provide a glimpse into the holistic educational approach at IBI, where academic learning, industry exposure, and personal development converge to shape well-rounded professionals.

About I-Business Institute (IBI)

I-Business Institute (IBI) stands out as an exemplary destination for management and business education, dedicated to nurturing leaders poised to drive sustainable progress in the dynamic business landscape. With a mission to foster holistic growth and cultivate a deep understanding of business intricacies, IBI offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

At IBI, students benefit from a unique blend of academic excellence and practical application facilitated by a distinguished faculty comprising experienced professionals and scholars. The institute’s commitment to personalised learning is evident in its manageable class sizes, ensuring individualised attention and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Moreover, IBI distinguishes itself through its emphasis on ethical leadership and social responsibility, instilling in students a sense of purpose and integrity crucial for navigating contemporary business challenges. Through experiential learning opportunities, industry collaborations, and immersive projects, students at IBI gain hands-on experience and develop a global perspective essential for thriving in today’s interconnected world.

In essence, I-Business Institute (IBI) emerges as an ideal destination for business education and skill development, dedicated to cultivating visionary leaders committed to driving sustainable growth and making a positive impact on society.

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