Six audio clips were leaked, and they went viral. The audio clips consisted of two teachers talking and discussing the leaking of 3rd-semester question papers of BA LLB.

The teachers were immediately suspended after the investigation of the six audio clips went viral. The examination of 3rd-semester students of BA LLB was cancelled and postponed for now.

The audio clips contained three voices, two of the male teachers and the female voice of a student allegedly. Although she denied the allegations, it has been pretty clear that many examination papers were leaked and hence the examinations were cancelled, and it was announced that new examination dates would be released soon.

An FIR was lodged against the three for leaking the LLB papers and on investigation, it was found that the female voice belongs to Richa Mishra and one of the two male voices belongs to Ashok Kumar.

According to the reports, the recordings contained a conversation between Richa and one of the male teachers where she is heard asking about the questions that will appear in the examination. Later on, she is also heard thanking for revealing the question papers.

An Rs. 5 Lakh fine was imposed on the college for being involved in misconduct of examinations and it has also been blacklisted as an examination centre after three huge controversies in a row.

The three controversies came out as follows: –
1. In the month of April, the case of fake mark sheet racket was raised. After carrying out an investigation, five or more officials were arrested for being a part of the illegal racket. The investigation is not complete yet and is still going on.

2. Just five months after the huge racket controversy, another controversy came out about the fraud of 10 million. The people behind the fraud gang were arrested, but the police officials failed to recover the money involved.

3. The third controversy is the paper leak controversy that came out only 1 month later the October controversy. The investigation is being carried out, and examinations will be carried out again.

Later on, the third voice was revealed to be of Rakesh Kumar Singh and he has not made any comments about the leaking of the question paper. The other two have clearly denied the entire allegation and they have said that no leak of question papers was involved.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) –  Lucknow University

Question: What about the examinations now?
Answer:  The examinations will be taken again with the whole procedure.
Question: When will the re-examinations commence?
Answer:  The dates of the re-examination will be announced soon.
Question: Who is investigating the matter?
Answer:  A special task force of the UP police has been assigned the case.
Question: Is Lucknow University a private college?
Answer: Lucknow University is owned by the government and is one of the oldest government institutes.

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