Tugging war between #NotMyPresident and #alternativefacts for Trump as President (Part 2)

Five days in the world’s most powerful office, and Donald Trump has already received flak for his presidential work. In the past 2 months, Trump has been one of the most talked about personalities on Twitter, with trending hashtags and resistance protests. The #NotMyPresident on Twitter has seen thousands of tweets since the morning of January 20, when Donald Trump was officially inaugurated as President of the United States (POTUS). Despite being responsible for electing Trump to the President’s chair, America has shown its reluctance in accepting him as their President through the #NotMyPresident (Read here). However, supporters of Trump too have creating the #alternativefacts as a move to counteract the resistance campaign. Both hashtags are being used together on tweets and what started out as a campaign has now become a twitter war between the supporters and the resistance. Either sides have been putting out tweets tagging the other as a form of taunt or mockery. PaGaLGuY has covered both sides of the tweets. Read Part 1 of the #NotMyPresident campaign here.

A twitterati posted a picture of Hilary Clinton (above) reminding the Liberals that their adamance against accepting Trump as President, will not bring his competitor in the 2016 elections to power. Another twitterati further questioned the Liberals’ stance on #NotMyPresident, as the truth still remains that Donald Trump is indeed what the Liberals dare not accept – the President (image below). 

Then there are those who have tried to support their belief in Trump by justifying his agendas and actions in the benefit of the nation. 

And finally, the #alternativefacts campaign brought to surface the truth that no matter what Americans do or say now, the only real alternative fact is that Donald J Trump is now President and nothing can change about that. 

While both hashtags are running parallel to each other on twitter, the #NotMyPresident has no doubt, received more momentum. However, in the coming days, the #alternativefacts may also pick speed and the twitter war between both sides may intensify. PaGaLGuY will keep you updated if that happens.