Tugging war between #NotMyPresident and #alternativefacts for Trump as President (Part 1)

Five days in the world’s most powerful office and Donald Trump has already received flak for presidential work. In the past 2 months, Trump has been one of the most talked about personalities of Twitter, with trending hashtags and resistance protests. The #NotMyPresident on Twitter has seen thousands of tweets since the morning of January 20, when Donald Trump was officially inaugurated as President of the United States (POTUS). Despite being responsible for electing Trump to the President’s chair, America has shown its reluctance in accepting him as their President. 

Trump and his hours in office have already invited criticizing tweets, comparing him to Hitler. 

Moreover, a weather alert in Florida for probable tornadoes also became excuse for mockery on #NotMyPresident. Florida being one of the states where Trump received majority win, is apparently being deemed worthy of punishment by tweeters 

The overactive left no chance to taunt Trump on his claim of super popularity stating that he received a larger audience that Obama during his inauguration ceremony.

However, what most people failed to make of the #NotMyPresident campaign was aptly explained by one of the tweeters in the image above. While republicans mocked the liberals for starting such a campaign, one tweeter explained that campaign isn’t an egoistic refusal to accept Donald Trump as President. It is indeed, an attempt by Americans to tell the world that Trump doesn’t represent the common mentality in the country.

While this campaign has been trending on Twitter for quite some time, it has also seen tweets from supporters of Donald Trump. Republicans have been using the #NotMyPresident to counteract the negative tweets, by telling the resistance that Donald Trump is indeed their President and is here to stay. Read the supporters side argument about #alternativefacts here.