Why aren’t Indians keen on supporting #ResistTrump protests in US

While the United States of America is currently divided into two warring sides; the liberals and the republicans, some Indians decided to extend their generous support to the former by setting up rallies in the country. Just recently, a #ResistTrump event was held in Bangalore, titled ‘Bangalore Joins Global Resistance to Trump’. The event, which received supporters from different corners of the city and some media outlets, has also invited flak on Facebook and Twitter from fellow Indians. Although there have been protests in different parts of the world against the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, none of them have been, for obvious reasons, of momentum as great as that in the US. As rightly pointed out by a twitterati, while Americans rant about #NotMyPresident on Twitter, for those living outside the US, it is #NotMyCountry.

A photograph posted on Facebook reminding Indians that Trump is indeed ‘Not Our President’ has earned quite some popularity. See image below.

As pointed out by Ashok Bargade on Facebook, “Is it really worthwhile for Indians to be spending energy on protesting against Trump when even the protesting population in US cannot change the situation?” Kiran Varnekar, a supporter of the photograph on Facebook, said, “We are so caught up with USA that probably a few or more Indian won’t even recognise Pranab Mukherjee in the image. Half of the Trump protesters in India cannot even name famous politicians in India by photograph, and yet somehow, it is more important to support millions of Americans in their protest.”

While the US and some other countries around the world have decided to move out on the streets resisting Donald Trump as President, some Indians on social media have set out to negate the effects of such protests. The #ResistTrump protests may or may not continue in India or other countries but as pointed out by #alternativefacts campaign by the Republicans, the real fact is that Donald Trump is President and that cannot change now.