Trick your way into the toppers’ list

Number solving is not a piece of Pi. It takes discipline and concentration to get to the root of things. Sum times we don’t even have the luxury of a calculator or a pen and paper. The intensity of the situation multiplies when you factor in time. What’s the solution to all of this?

Since the dawn of numbers, there have been people mastering the fine art of mental mathematics. No where has this art been more relevant than in today’s competitive entrance exams. High pressure and limited time means that students are expected to solve complicated number problems with great efficiency. Despite the clear need, it’s surprising that not enough people hone their Speed Math skills. But those who do, almost always outperform.

Speed Maths consists of surprisingly easy rules, many of which you’d have already learnt in school. It’s the practical application of algebra, the smarter use of basic formulae, that enables sharp minds to become human calculators.

This ability to solve seemingly complicated number problems will come in handy not only for cracking entrance exams, but is also is a fun thing to show off to your friends.

India’s largest student community – – has recently rekindled interest in this art and its practical applications with a section on their website dedicated to Speed Maths. What’s 95 times 95? What’s the square of 42? At the end of the short course, all of these are questions you’ll easily be able to answer – within seconds.

Give it a go, here –