Tap tap taught!

We’re distracted, easily, we all are. In the post-Angry Birds world things that don’t entertain as they enlighten become irrelevant. That leaves us with little will-power left for the archaic art of studying with physical books, pencils, and highlighters. Pardon the pessimistic tone here, but that’s really not that bad a thing. It just means that the format of education needs to evolve.

What if calculations were as easy as Candy Crush? What if studying was as satisfying as Subway Surfers? What if learning important exam-related concepts was a s simple as tap, tap, tap?

It’s a little experiment we at PaGaLGuY call Speed Courses. It’s a step towards evolving the format of education, making it more modern, less tedious, and most importantly – fun.

We took the most commonly confused subjects from competitive exams like CAT, SSC, and UPSC; and we distilled them to their simplest form. Then we worked with toppers who’ve had years of experience not only cracking but acing these exams to figure out their methods of preparing. Then we realised that you could take the world’s best book, but nobody would read it if it was boring. 

Lucky for us, PaGaLGuY is India’s most vibrant student community. Having fun while learning was nothing new. Hence we were comfortable talking conversationally about the subject matter, in a way that’s what the community expected of us. 

Try out this innovative new method of learning at PaGaLGuY.com and tell us if it helped you boost your confidence for entrance exams. It’s fast, it’s free, it’s fun, it might even help you get a few extra marks. Go for it!