Is Globalisation Good?

16th Feb 8.45am , Bangalore HRM

X 91.60 CBSE

XII 89.40 CBSE


PG(if applicable) NA

Work ex: organisation /role/ work ex in months: XXX/Technology Analyst/6months

Other major achievements :  Not worthy of a mention

Any achievement / USP of yours :  ll let you know when we meet ? 

Gd topic: Globalization is good for the workers and their rights?

Gd description in short : ( how did it go?) Well organized, everybody chipped in with their ideas. We looked at the white and dark areas of globalization and also from the perspective of the various stakeholder. All in all we had a lot of dimensions in which we looked at the issue and finally the group came to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

Professor’s description in brief: (names of the prof, specialization, the way he conducted/took the process forward ) No clue. 3 middle-old aged professors’. Vastly experienced (from the look of it)

PI experience: It was a very well conducted PI. No stress interview.

Q1: My college name? how it came? School? Few basic questions. A short discussion on the same.

Me: Answered.

Q2: Is it fair for you to leave your organization?

Me: Answered. Tried to justify (not satisfied)

Q3: More on the whole debate of “What is fair and unfair”?

Q4: What is your work profile? What is it that you do?

Me: Answered. Cross Questions. Answered as well.

Q5: Asked me to explain and give example of one of the traits of mine i had mentioned in the assessment
Me: Answered (asked to give another example, gave, still -_-)

Q6: Asked to explain one of the answers as mentioned in the assessment(conflict). Tried to gauge the situation and what all steps i took and how effective and “FAIR” they were.

Q7: My take on the GD, he had made a list of the points mentioned/raised by me, so some clarification regarding the same, my opinions about others points. And how i perceived the topic before/after the GD. Gave some examples, the Prof. also gave some counter examples.

We reached a stage when we said it was a “Grey” area, and then asked me ways in which it could be stirred to the white part and ways in which it could go the “black” part

Lastly, asked me to read aloud one of the sentences I had written in the assessment. Thanks to all the forms that i had to fill, i had made a silly grammatical error.  wrote “coordinated” instead of “coordinate”. Realized my blunder. Apologized for the same. It didn’t impress one of the professor that management aspirant can make such sloppy mistakes :sad:.

That’s when the interview ended.

Overall a decent experience. No document verification. Well organized

Any other info that you wish to share that might be of importance/relevance :  Assessment plays a crucial role, that’s what I realized. Be thorough with what you have mentioned. No cliched questions were asked. Nothing related to HRM.

Any suggestions: Be confident and be ready to defend what you have written in your forms. Good Luck ?