Top Russian B-school Signs its First Memorandum of Understanding with IIM Indore to Promote Future Collaboration

The Indian Institute of Management at Indore has signed its first-ever memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University(GSEM, UrFL) in Russia.

This elite institution is highly rated in terms of its faculty and research opportunities. It is a centre for education that uphold the top international academic standards in many regards.

The MoU was signed by the Director of IIM Indore, Professor Himanshu Rai and the Director of GSEM Dmitry Tolmachev. This MoU aims at establishing, promoting and encouraging the regular exchange of academic staff and as well as students for various available projects and programmes.

This MoU would also include participation from both the institutions in a variety of academic activities such as lectures, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, symposia and workshops.

In this regard, Professor Himanshu Rai stated that he was delighted that IIM Indore entered into its first partnership with a top-level B-school based in Russia. As India and Russia both share a great deal of history, culture and values, he believed that this is MoU would be a step towards building on those ties.

He added that the main objective of the MoU undertaken was to promote the exchange of experiences in order to mutually benefit from promoting joint research projects in various related fields which both the institutions had in common.

This would also include the exchange of educational data and research that can be further used for training purposes maintaining the highest standards at the international level. This MoU has been established for a period of 5 years in which both the institutions are likely to benefit through such joint research operations.Â

This MoU is in line with IIM Indore’s belief that it is absolutely integral for aspiring students to gain international exposure and experience. Studying in a foreign nation such as Russia definitely provides that opportunity to the qualifying student to establish a suitable career for oneself.

This Student Exchange Program provides an enriching academic experience to incoming students and helps the student community benefit from the foreign experience and education it shall receive due to the same.

The students will learn new ideas, values and business processes upon interacting with a foreign student community in a foreign nation that shall facilitate the holistic development of the student in ways more than one. IIM Indore currently has around 35 academic collaborations with several foreign institutions that are mostly based in Europe.

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