Top 5 Personality Traits to Survive this Pandemic

If you follow the “new normal”, then you have to live along with the pandemic. With time, industries have been gearing up for addressing a fresh set of challenges. But, here the question lies as have people prepared themselves for handing this crisis?

If yes, then what are the needed skills and competencies they will require for succeeding in the “new normal.” So, Marching Sheep conducted a pulse survey to ask respondents all across the industries for ranking the topmost five behavioral competencies that are required for becoming successful in the new normal.

Among various critical priorities, the first and the foremost is organizations must invest to prepare its workforce for remaining future-ready besides keeping the below-mentioned competencies in mind:

  • Responsiveness and agility – A person needs to be responsive as well as agile and it is important for an organization too for succeeding in altering tendencies in the world of business. Today, this is turning more critical because the pandemic has begun to alter the method in which the world has been consuming and experiencing products and services in the form of consumers, customers, partners, humans, and employees. A company will also require embracing the effect of these alterations on the method in which they communicate, design, run, and build the experiences according to the needs and wants of the customers. For catering to the evolving requirements of the market, quick responses and agile thinking will either break or make a deal.
  • Emotional flexibility – Today, in this environment, it becomes both stressful and daunting to balance both personal and office space and so, it is pretty natural to feel stressed while juggling between the deadlines of the office and domestic chores. To this, you can include a feeling of uncertainty and ambiguity around concerns over roles and skills and job security in the new normal. So, you must form emotional flexibility so that you can return back from this challenging situation. Additionally, it is vital for you to remain positive and calm and also deal with stress constructively and possess the emotional balance for seeing their work being completed perfectly.
  • Developing collaborative relationships – The job of the new normal is bringing in exclusive challenges in which work can be accomplished while doing job remotely and also get engaged with novice partners for delivering fresh products and services. So, the need arises to develop collaborative relationships across and within teams and across and within organizations too. It is vital to develop a support network that aids in achieving common goals besides helping people in healing as an economy and as a community.
  • Adaptability and flexibility – For being successful, employees must remain open to change. They must also relearn and unlearn. Additionally, they must adjust themselves to changing times too. For surviving in this world, you must be prepared to accept things that have changed. Again, people must evolve today both as a professional and a person. When there is a desparate time, then desperate measures should be taken and it can be social distancing norms or remote working as employees must be fast in adapting to the new methods of living and working.
  • Change management – The largest source of change is considered disruption and with businesses and economies disrupting globally, it is becoming important for employees and organizations to set the reset button, upskill, reskill, reboot, and also grip the new normal. When people continue to do what they were doing only a year back, they would get wiped out and so, it would be vital for driving changes in an empathetic and systemic manner as well as taking teams along.

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Source: India Today