MBA aspirants, while preparing for various entrance exams, find themselves in a big dilemma.

The question “Where can I find the best mock test series for CAT/XAT/CMAT/IIFT?” is searched by every candidate at least one time during their preparation. Especially for candidates appearing for CAT and CMAT, the score of which is accepted by more than 1000 institutes.

Why should I take Mock Tests?

Mock test series plays a significant part in the preparation of MBA exams. Candidates get the detailed analysis of their attempt which helps them to improve their concepts and devise a more effective strategy. They also give a feel for the real-time exam hall environment.

What is the best platform to give CMAT mock tests?

There are several coaching institutes and exam portals that provide plenty of test series, detailed analysis and the percentile ranking to make you ready for CMAT. But only a few of them stand apart from the many in terms of quality and quantity. The following are considered to be the best platforms for a CMAT aspirant to give mock tests.

1. AIMCMAT– The AIMCMAT is an online mock test series by the T.I.M.E coaching institution. The AIMCMAT can be scheduled as per the convenience of the candidate. The mock tests will assess the level of preparation of tests work as a platform to assess the preparation level of the candidate, provide you sufficient practice and will help the applicant to work on the time management skills.

There are three mock test packages that a candidate can select.

  1. Basic- Ten All India Mock CMATs and 50 Online Sectional Tests
  2. Enhanced- Ten All India Mock CMATs, 10 Comprehensive Test for CMAT and 60 Online Sectional Tests
  3. Superior- 15 All India Mock CMATs, 15 Comprehensive Test for CMAT and 75 Online Sectional Tests.

2. Oliveboard– The Oliveboard is another leading platform that is known to provide mock tests for several competitive exams like CAT, SSC, CMAT, etc. The CMAT Mock Test Series also comes with Video Tutorials & Study Material to help a candidate understand and master the basic concepts.

The Mock Test Series package includes 10 Mock Tests and Unlimited Online Tests with 10,000+ Questions & Detailed Solutions. The Oliveboard engine highlights the weak sections of the candidate’s attempt and gives enough analysis to improve the concepts.

3. Non-CAT Test Series– The Non-CAT Tests by Career Launcher is a series of online mocks to help the candidates prepare better for all management entrance exams other than CAT.

This series is regarded as one of the best online mock tests available if you are planning to appear for either CMAT, XAT, NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, MH-CET, etc. Career Launcher provides an in-depth and personalized analysis of the applicant’s every mock attempt. It will also help you to prepare an effective strategy to improve your level of preparation.

There is one package to select for the CMAT mock series.

CMAT Test Series @ Rs. 500- Five CMAT Mocks based on the CMAT exam and free access to

4. CMAT Test Series and Correspondence by IMS- Another popular coaching institute providing online CMAT Mock Tests is the IMS. The basic CMAT test series costs Rs. 2,250+ GST. The series includes:

  • e-Concept Builder
  • 5 SimCMATS (Proctored)
  • 10 SimCMATs Take Home
  • 40 Sectional Tests
  • GQuest

Which CMAT Test Series Shall I Select?

All the aforementioned are equally good for CMAT mock series. However, keep these factors in mind while choosing the best for you.

  • Cost- Compare the price and facilities the platforms are offering. There is no need to buy all the test series unnecessarily.
  • Need-based selection- If you need sectional mock tests for improving your concepts, look for the series that includes the same.
  • Pros- Analyse the pros of selecting a test series by comparing the features of one with another. If you are getting video lessons and 5 mocks on a platform at the same price of only 5 tests from the other, you should always go for the first one.
  • Popularity- You should also check how many people are attempting the mock series of the platform you have selected. The maximum number of participants will help you to assess your percentile more accurately.

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