T.K.M. College of Engineering, Kollam-Expected Cutoffs 2015

College of Engineering, Kollam

The entrance exam KEAM for engineering was held on the
20th and 21st of April 2015. The Commissionerate of Entrance Examinations (CEE)
conducts the KEAM exam for admission to Professional Courses every year. The
exam was hosted at all major cities in Kerala and in cities like Mumbai, New
Delhi and Dubai, etc.

Take a look at the expected cutoffs to various
colleges in Kerala that use the KEAM scores for their admissions.  This will tell you which colleges you are
likely to get through and what branches you may get. In this article, we look
at the cutoffs for T.K.M.
College of Engineering, Kollam. 

Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of
Engineering or TKMCE was founded in 1958.It is the first government aided
engineering institution in the private sector in the state of Kerala, India.
The college is located at Karikode, 6 km from the city of Kollam. The
foundation stone was laid by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India
on 3 February 1956. The college is affiliated with the University of Kerala.

Selections to the seats at this institute
will be done on the basis of a student’s rank in the KEAM 2015. The list given
below mentions the closing ranks of students who were admitted last year. This
list will help you understand the likely ranks which will help you secure
admission to this institute.  The 2015
cutoffs are likely to be in the similar range.

The closing ranks are as follows :

Closing Rank       Architecture

Other Backward Hindus     303

Other Backward Christians 199

Ezhava                                  308

Latin Christians                    182

Muslims                                251

Scheduled Castes              1984

State Merit                            177

Rank      Civil Engg

Other Backward Hindus     4411

Other Backward Christians 4711


Kudumbi                              24828

Latin Christians                    5413

Muslims                                3544

Scheduled Castes              21336

State Merit                           2985

Scheduled Tribes              42537

Closing Rank       Chemical Engineering

Other Backward Hindus     5141

Other Backward Christians 18324


Latin Christians                   8987

Muslims                                4715

Scheduled Castes             30531

State Merit                          4379

Scheduled Tribes              47023

Closing Rank       Computer Sc. & Engineering

Other Backward Hindus     3615

Other Backward Christians 7254

Ezhava                                  4020

Kudumbi                              26408

Latin Christians                    6483

Muslims                                3006

Scheduled Castes              34346

State Merit                           2508

Scheduled Tribes               57020

Closing Rank       Electronics & Communication

Other Backward Hindus      2322

Other Backward Christians 3865

Ezhava                                   2618

Kudumbi                              16036

Latin Christians                    1808

Muslims                                2601

Scheduled Castes             23662

State Merit                           1612

Scheduled Tribes             54037

Closing Rank       Electrical & Electronics

Other Backward Hindus     3237

Other Backward Christians 6479

Ezhava                                  3501

Kudumbi                              18316

Latin Christians                  3370

Muslims                               3246

Scheduled Castes            32700

State Merit                         2552

Scheduled Tribes             54037

Closing Rank       Mechanical Engg

Other Backward Hindus    1833

Other Backward Christians 3680

Ezhava                                 1755

Kudumbi                              2488

Latin Christians                   1830

Muslims                               1483

Scheduled Castes             16396

State Merit                           1263

Scheduled Tribes              34795

Closing Rank       Mechanical (Prodn. Engg.)

Other Backward Hindus    9322

Other Backward Christians 22999

Ezhava                                  10433

Kudumbi                              20943

Latin Christians                    10340

Muslims                                 8638

Scheduled Castes              40338

State Merit                           6067